How do you remove a secondary background voice?

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How do you remove a secondary background voice? Or can you? I am working on a video that is a recording of a webinar and there is a automated voice that comes on when someone joins the call. Is there a way to remove this?
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Posted 8 months ago

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If the automatic voice is speaking while others are speaking? I think you're pretty much stuck with it.

If it's isolated, you could cut out the voice portions of the audio track.Or add audio points between, then drop the volume till it's silent.

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I agree with Joe on this one. If that stretch of audio is not absolutely necessary, I would look for a way to cut both audio and video and try to make a smooth (non-jump) transition. You could try heat pattern editing in Adobe Audition, but that is really tedious even if the noise is a single frequency. And it would require separating video and audio which introduces the risk of getting them out of sync.

Eliminating a human voice is near impossible if mixed with other sounds you need to keep. If something during that stretch is absolutely crucial for viewers, you are stuck with the audio.
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Thank you both replying, yes the human voice I need to keep.  It is the automated beeping/ voice saying "caller has joined" that I was trying to see if I could remove but it is over the presenter who is talking so I need to keep.  
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Does the auto voice and human voices share the same audio track? Do you hear the "caller" voice over the speakers? or ?  i.e. What is source of each? Are you recording "system sounds"?  If the voices are on different sound tracks, just delete the offending track.

If both sound sources share a track, train the humans to stop talking when the auto voice starts up.  At the end of a session, separate the track and use something like "Cool Edit Pro" or "Audacity" (free). If you can sample just the "caller has joined" voice, then you can eliminate all occurrences of   "caller has joined".  You just won't believe how well this can work until you try.

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It's a bit delayed, but if the automatic voice is always the same, maybe you could record it while silent and then substract their waveform in the audio;

It's a bit complex and we are being too much optimistic about the recording quality and encoding, if the audio comes from your PC it could be possible, but if the voice comes from an bitrate variable encoding from internet, it's pretty dificult they could match with the waveform you have in order to substract them,

as someone explan above, spectral of voice is pretty the same and will be melted both, only way to removes is knowing the exact waveform of that audio, then align and substract them.