How does Audiate fit into the Camtasia Workflow?

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So, we thought about a couple of ways Audiate fits into a Camtasia video workflow.

First, and the “golden path” scenario - you start in Audiate. For creating new content, we’ve been talking about an audio first workflow for some time now, on our blog and at training and video events. Ideally, you start in Audiate and record a script, or at least have some talking points handy. Once you’re done recording, you make your edits, and ship the final file over to Camtasia.

Once you have your voiceover / narration in Camtasia, it’s a matter of collecting and lining up your visual elements to compliment your audio track. That could be gathering slides, images, screen recordings, b-roll... or all of the above. This seems a little weird the first few times you do it, but it can save a LOT of editing time in Camtasia. Clip Speed and Extend a Frame become really powerful tools in this workflow.

The second way is if you record your audio and screen at the same time. You might feel more comfortable this way and it’s totally fine, as there are still ways to shave a bunch of time off your editing process with Audiate. When you import an audio file from Camtasia, the first trick you can employ in Audiate is to silence, and not remove the hesitations. This preserves the length of the audio file, so that when you bring that recording back into Camtasia, you have minimal editing to do in order to line everything up.

You can still edit as normal in Audiate as well with an imported Camtasia recording. The audio portion of your editing process will still be quick thanks to the transcript based navigation of Audiate, but you’ll have to spend some time editing the video in order to line and sync things up. It’s how you might work today if this is your process with another dedicated audio app.

Are we missing something that would make your editing faster and easier? Let us know in the comments.

-The Audiate Team
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Posted 3 months ago

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Robert, I want Audiate to work. I want Camtasia to work better than ever before. But, being a long-time Camtasia user I can't think of any way to NOT being required to do double work when trying to use Audiate to clean up my audio file in any way whatsoever. Either I will have to use Audiate to record audio and HOPE that I said everything I intended to say and then use Camtasia to create my video portion of my software instructional video and then hope to God that I did everything in the video portion of the project that I spoke about in the audio file so that the two can be properly mated.

I'm really sorry to say this but for a product that I would be required to pay $30/month to use, I expect a LOT MORE. But the problem is that I can't even say in words what I want the software to do because there is NO WAY to link what is going on in the video part of the recording and the sounds that are being made in the audio portion. I just think that Audiate will have a short life span and an even shorter list of paying customers. But if I am wrong, then please let me know how the marriage of Camtasia and Audiate will work.

I have been a PC and mainframe programmer since 1978. I wrote programs in IBM BAL, in microcode to program hardware, in OS/VS COBOL, SAS, and in Microsoft Assembler but I can't for the life of me figure out how to make this work.
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100% this. I am SO disappointed to hear that that this doesn't integrate seamlessly with Camtasia. I'm on the free trial right now and I'm absolutely gobsmacked that these two products don't talk to each other.
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If Audiate could sync with Camtasia projects that would be AMAZING!

I record tutorial videos and I also have uhms and mistakes sometimes. 
the problem is, if I just silence or cut out bits of audio, then the audio in Camtasia will be out of sync with theh video!

It would be awesome if one could select 'sync Camtasia project' as well as an option to 'sync video with audio' when editing the audio in Audiate. Then, when one cuts out some audio in Audiate, it also cuts out the part of the linked video in Camtasia.

That would awesome and I'd totally buy Audiate! What a time saver that would be. Please add this feature!!
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although not yet "integrated" with Camtasia, Audiate is a great tool for adding captions to Camtasia projects; the Audiate STT accuracy is much better than Camtasia's

How To Use Audiate To Create Closed Captions For Camtasia Projects 2020-05-09