How to Capture drop down menu with SnagIt 13 ?

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I can't capture drop down menu with the newest version of SnagIt 13 (I've just installed) ? There are some guides but for version 12, so I could not applied
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Posted 3 years ago

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Use the capture menu to activate a time delayed capture.
 Choose then required number of seconds you will need to open the drop down menu.

See Image Below, Click to Enlarge


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Tks, but it's not working, it's capture all background. Is there any Video Tutorial about it ?
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Here is a video for you HardToSet ThisName

I uploaded it to Screencast but I'm having a problem with the website so I uploaded it to you tube.


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Hi Joe,

First of all...
Many thanks for the above, pls allow me to step in here.
With all due respect Joe and definitely no offense meant, really...
So, don't get me wrong, okay? You have a -lot- of positive contributions here...
but.. that said,
personally I think SnagIt should be able to do this without a 'special trick'.
Again, don't me wrong...

Have the same problem, which as it looks like, is not limited to v13.

I tried both in v11 and v13.
1. assigned PrintScreen to a preset/profile
2. closed SnagIt
3. relaunch
4. hit PrintScreen over and over
each time it is okay to capture.

5. Now do a dropdown within some program - PrintScreen does not work all of a sudden
6. close dropdown - printscreen still does not work.

do 2,3, above PrintScreen works
I can reproduce this over and over.

Now use FastStone, dropdown can be captured without issues using a hotkey/hotkey combination.
(see below)

I know about delayed capture, but  I feel SnagIt should be able to do this without a delayed capture, i.e. just by using the hotkey.

below is FastStone, using a hotkey

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Hey Mike62,
No offense taken.

What I can tell you is this, When they removed color from SnagIt 12's interface I was not a happy camper. The Quick Access Toolbar became very difficult to work with. The Icons were changed to flat black or gray depending on what color UI you work with.Many of the Icons look alike now as a result.

I complained about it loudly back then. It also opened my eyes a bit in the long run.I found out that the Toolbar is a Microsoft creation and TechSmith has no control over the color or anything else. WORD 2016 is shown below. Color went out with the OFFICE version released before SnagIt 12's release.

The reason that SnagIt cannot capture drop down menus in the same way FastStone does? I can't tell you that, but there may be an underlying reason for it as well.

I wish I could cherry pick all my favorite features from SnagIt, Photoshop,Camtasia,Premiere Pro, Dragon Naturally Speaking, etc. and so forth.
Roll them all together and create a super program that functions exactly the way I want it to.
However, this is a ridiculous thing to hope for on so many levels.I can practically hear my fantasy program crashing all around me now.LOL

For better or worse, some thing are out of everyone's control. You can roll with the changes, request a feature change, use another program or all of the above.

 It sounds like you've found a SnagIt bug as well. Have you ever run that by Tech Support?



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Hi, so is there a way to capture a dropdown menu with Snag it 13?  I've tried the options in the post and none work.  only the background gets captured.   Man!  the older version was so much more user friendly! 
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 Well, people can complain about Microsoft, or whatever, all they want, but Snagit always had this capability, and now, in 13, it doesn't. It's annoying as all blazes for those of us who are constantly having to do instructional screenshots (go here, click this, select that from the Dropdown menu...).  And the stupid "delay" hardly works.  I have NO idea why this functionality was removed from Snagit, but at this rate, I may as well use Windows' automatic screen capture and edit it to suit.  RIDICULOUS.