How to capture exactly the same region again on Snagit for Mac

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I've switched to Snagit from Snapz and so far I'm liking it. There are so many more options. However, there's one feature from Snapz that I used all the time and that I cannot find in Snagit: I often have to take a screenshot of a part of my screen that does not fall within the predefined presets that you get when dragging the orange rectangle. Is there a way that I can get exactly the same capture (width x height) with exactly the same coordinates (x and y)y coordinates again?
See below: I want to capture the highlighted region (a histogram in Lightroom) for different images and I want the position and size to be exactly the same for each histogram... How can I do this as easily as possible in Snagit?

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Posted 5 years ago

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Chris Larson, Snagit Technical Product Manager

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Hello all,

This has been one of the top requests for Snagit Mac. I wanted to dig into it a bit deeper. There are two different requests for solutions, both of which are in our Windows version of Snagit:

1. A Fixed Region capture

  • This is used by going to the image tab, adjusting the settings of the region, and then kicking off a capture. You could also create a preset with that region.
  • With this capture type, you’d set a region up that would be in the same place every time you hit the capture button. It’s more for use cases that are long term, like taking a capture of a activity monitor on a server every day.
2. Repeat last capture with hotkey

  • This is used by taking a capture and then hitting a hotkey that would repeat the exact same capture, but without the steps that require setting up the capture (e.g., adjusting the region or picking between image or video)
  • With this capture type, you don’t have to set up a region ahead of time. It’s more for use cases that happen every once in a while, like grabbing slides from a webinar or documenting an app that doesn’t change location.

Now what I think I’ve heard so far from people that are making this request is that they’d prefer the second option. But I’d love to hear more.

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John Espirian

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Hi, Chris.

Without question, I'd prefer the second feature. Screenshots of groups of ad-hoc screens is a requirement I get all the time, so the 'last capture' feature would help a lot. I'm almost certain that other Mac-loving tech writers like me would agree with this.

I'd probably never use the first feature.

Hope that helps!

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Hi Chris,

I also would prefer the 2nd version of the proposal.. simple hotkey repeat capture..

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There are a handful of idea threads specifically requesting the equivalent of the "Repeat last capture" feature found on Windows, and if we were to add their "me toos" all up, I wouldn't be surprised if this was THE top requested feature for the Mac.

So given that, the "under consideration" label feels like a huge let down given Techsmith's recent initiative to listen to its users. I'm frankly just baffled at this point at why this keeps dragging on! Why the stall? Is there some huge technical barrier to implementing this feature?? 

Chris,  enlighten us, please!
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Chris Larson, Snagit Technical Product Manager

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Official Response
A "Repeat Last Capture" hotkey was added to Snagit Mac a part of 4.1.2 this past Tuesday 3/14/2017.

You can find the hotkey in Snagit > Preferences.

Thank you for all your feedback, it helped us prioritize adding the hotkey over setting up a fixed region before capturing. Which could still be useful in certain situations. We will definitely keep it in mind going forward.

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Yes, it is "broken", but a fix would be to add "fixed region" to Mac. :)
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Chris Larson, Snagit Technical Product Manager

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:) Fair. But that would take a bit longer. We'll get this working again at least for now and revaluate soon.
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Well... it’s only been requested for 4 years... and in the Windows version even longer.

That product roadmap must stretch to about 2060, eh?
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Update: The workaround is not 100% (meaning it doesn't work for what I need). It is not capturing all things on the screen like a normal "region" would capture. Not capturing the cursor (even thought it shows it will (using delay)). Not capturing pop up windows on a site, etc.

This is killing me for my project.
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Using Snagit 2018.1.1 (90433)
This may be regarded as a kludgy workaround but it may more fully address this use case until an an actual feature can be fully developed, tested, and rolled out.

1. Open Snagit > Preferences...
2. Select the Capture tab and uncheck Show video countdown. This speed up the workflow a bit by disabliing the three second countdown before starting the video recording.
3. Select the Keyboard tab and under Global Shortcuts, assure that Repeat Last Capture: is set to ^ ⇧ R (CONTROL + SHIFT + R). If you prefer to use a different key combination, take note of it and use for Repeat Last Capture below.

For the initial capture:
1. In the Capture window, select the Video tab.
2. Set Selection to Region.
3. Toggle On (right) Preview in Editor and Capture Cursor.
4. Toggle Off (left) Record Microphone and Record System Audio.
5. Click the red Capture button.
6. Use the mouse to marque the region of interest.
7. Click the red Record button in the lower left.
8. Move the mouse cursor where you would like it in the image, if desired.
9. Click the blue Stop button in the lower left.
10.In the Snagit Editor, mouse-over the image representing your new video. Playback controls will appear below it.
11. Move the playhead to the frame with the mouse cursor properly positioned.
12. Click the GIF or PNG button in the lower right to save an image of the frame. Your new GIF or PNG appears on the Canvas and left-most in the Recent Captures Tray of the Snagit Editor.

For subsequent captures:
1. Use CONTROL + SHIFT + R to trigger the next capture.
2. Mouse-down inside the marque and move it to a new position if desired.
3. Repeat steps 7 through 12 above.