How to create your own callout ?

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Is there a way to change an existing callout form and save it to your own collection?

An existing one with 'arrow' (pointer)
Reduce the pointer (not sure how it is called) until it becomes invisible and then save that form as a new callout.
Probably impossible, but who knows... maybe some has a trick  :-)


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Posted 2 years ago

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I have been asking for the instructions and possibly a forum to post our own creations but no response. You would probably have to create them in Illustrator and export them but they are keeping that close
SO ... what I do on some of these things is to create what I want and save it on a document that I can load then select and copy from. Just have it grouped after you set the text size and all the parameters. The purple box is actually a callout with the arrows added
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I created this Callout as a PDF in Illustrator and put it in my stamps folder. Being vector, you can make it any size you wish. It would distort it if you changed the aspect ratio/squished it or smashed it together.

If you use actual callouts they are dynamic. The border remains the same diameter regardless of the shape. They are not images at all. They are computer generated.Creating one would have to be a complex process.

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Thank you both. I don't have Illustrator so I guess there is no 'easy' solution then.
Hope one day, Techsmith will have some option to allow users to create them.
In this specific case, the one I'd like more or less is available, but simply there should be one without the pointer (or whatever it is called), just a box with more rounded corners.

Anyway... thanks again.

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You can have this one if you want.

The only thing is, you'll have to add text to it and position the text manually. So it's less than ideal. First you drag it in from stamps. Its vector so you can make any size you want. The smaller you make it.The border will become thinner. And there's some distortion if you re-scale it Taller or Wider.

Then you drag in a text callout in and position it.

It seemed to me just pushing the pointer in would be much easier.
So I pretty much wrote it off as a non-starter.

I'm no programmer. But I'd bet the farm the callout you want to create is going to be an XML file or some other source code.
Those callouts are created from nothing.There not images at all. Just lines of code.

Trapcode Particular is a much more complex example.  Here's an excessive use of air born seeds as an example.
You might add a few to a movie scene. I suppose millions in a sci-fi scary bit. They react to artificial wind you induce, Rotate and catch/react to lighting , etc and so forth.What you do it tweak Lighting, wind, etc. until they look like they were actually there in the original footage.
Being vector, you can make them any size you want.Cool stuff.