How to freeze a video frame in Camtasia 3?

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I just upgraded to Camtasia 3, and wanted to know if there is a way in Cam3 to freeze the video on a frame.  I had to do a more complicated workaround in Cam 2 for Mac, and just wondering if there is a more elegant way to do that now.
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Posted 3 years ago

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Hi there

I believe the way you accomplish this is by either splitting the video at the frame you want to extend, then dragging away from the split and extending the frame. Or by exporting the frame you want to extend so you end up with an image. Then inserting and timing the image to the desired duration.

Cheers... Rick :)
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Extending a frame works the same way in Camtasia 2 as it did in Camtasia 3.  If you want to extend the frame in a middle of a clip, you have to split the clip, make some room for the extended frame, and then extend the frame.
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True riev, and mostly that is what you want to keep your voice overs in sync, but if you have, say, a music track that is just playing in the background which you want to be continuous, all you need to do is drag the right hand part of the audio clip back over to join the left hand part of the clip and it will play seamlessly (drag the whole clip, do not extend it). You may of course have to extend the right hand part of the clip as it will now fall short of the end.

If you have timed events in your movie to the beats in the music, you will of course have to redo that, but I can't see how that could be avoided, that would be the case in any editor. Adding markers on the timeline where you want the beats to fall might help. If it is important that a particular passage of music starts on a particular frame of the movie, then you will have to remove a similar amount of video elsewhere to that which you added. Again, this is nothing that Camtasia can foresee or address. Apps like Final Cut Pro X have more sophisticated ways of joining up audio with video, but I think even then you would have to retime manually.
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John, I looked again, and I think it is simpler than you described. If you split any clip and then press option and hover over the end of the clip, the cursor changes to an arrow and you can drag the end of it to extend the frame and it works. Try it and see. That's easiest of all and doesn't affect any other track. I am blown away that it is not documented! (But then I am a technical writer as well as a video author ;) )
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Rlev - that an option drag adds freeze frames was established by Stephen Wagner. The issue was that before you can do that you have to move the clips on the right out of the way. To do that it seemed you had select them all and move them together, which is a pain and prone to error - it's easy to miss something, perhaps on a track that is hidden. Just moving everything on the one track will lead to disaster because all the other clips - annotation, voice overs, quizzes, etc - will go out of sync. On a tutorial video I have just done, I wanted to add freeze frames in the middle to allow me time for some extra narration,  and there were dozens of split clips, annotations, voice overs, quizzes, etc to the right of the inserted freeze frames, and tracks that weren't visible without scrolling up or down - a nightmare.

But if you drag out the red playhead as I described above and right click and choose Insert Time, everything moves over the to the right and stays in sync, which is just what we want. In the rare case that you do not want to insert time into one of the tracks (background music is the only reason I can think of) it is very easy to drag the clip back over the gap as I describe above. I can't see how it can be easier or more foolproof than that. 

I use Final Cut Pro X a lot for my non-tutorial movies and it would not be any easier in that, more difficult in fact if you were not very well acquainted with it. I use Camtasia for my tutorials because it is quick and easy to dash out a 5 minute tutorial in 15 minutes, for which it is ably suited. Horses for courses. (But if there are any developers listening out there I would love a reverse clip option in Camtasia for Mac to save me round tripping to FCPX for it)
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I also have problem doing this. Is there a way I can fit the clip width to the hole between two other clips?

BTW I don't understand John French's answer. It just duplicates the content.
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In Camtasia 3.04 for mac, I split the video to include the frame i wanted to freeze.  Then I used the visual effect called "freeze region"  I added it to my frame, open the drawer and dragged it out for the full time I needed, and adjusted the region to take up the entire screen.
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Gosh, just transitioned from Windows to Mac and now it took me like 15 min to figure that appears to be totally hidden away. Option key is convenient and now I know this I will use it. But there was no visibility of this feature until I saw that in this thread. I think at least, you'd want to have one in the Modify menu or somewhere that's visible without any additional key.