How to get files from a different user?

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So I am working with one more person to create videos. However, we sit at different locations. I have to rework on the files created by my friend to add few elements. How to get the files through cloud sharing? Because everytime I download the files which she shares, it doesn't play in my camtasia. 
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Are you Exporting as a zip file with all assets?
Are you Importing the Zip file?
Are you both using the same Version of Camtasia?

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As has already been mentioned the "authorised" way of sharing a project is by zipping the project from the file menu, then bouncing off the zip file between people. Heaven help you if both of you end up working on the project at the same time and need to sync changes; the authorised method then is "somebody needs to re-do theirs".

You mentioned working via the cloud. Unfortunately Camtasia does not support "real" cloud sharing and to be fair I don't think it's reasonable to assume that it ever will because editing a project really NEEDS to be a "one person at a time" thing. It would need some kind of check-out / check-in process to ensure that changes by one person aren't overwritten by another.

The other problem is that Camtasia projects, despite many calls to the contrary over the years, use fixed rather than relative file paths for their assets. These paths are unlikely to be the same on two machines.

The exception to that is where all of the assets are in the same folder, in which case Camtasia will look there first.

Now to the crux of the matter. I am able to work on a project in two places using OneDrive. I have all of my assets in the same folder and also ensure that if I make a change to my library (which I ONLY do on my main desktop computer, and don't do often), I zip it up and replace my notebook's version with it.

As long as I remember to close the project on one machine  before editing it on the other one, it's as close as I can get to actual cloud sharing.

Just beware of the fact that as you probably know .trecs can get quite substantial in side so you're going to burn some bandwidth with this. However it allows me to "go mobile" with editing when I need to. Conceptually it's no different if two people are working on the project as well, provided that they both have access to the cloud location and ensure that the other person is out of the project while they work on it. It beats the ludicrous, time wasting, archaic (and potentially error prone) zip / unzip / rezip shuffle.
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Another issue that affects Camtasia's ability to support multiple simultaneous editing in the same project file is that Camtasia does not "lock" the .tscproj file when a project is open in the editor.  Furthermore, when a project file is affected by edits, those edits are not reflected, in real time, in the open project file until a "save" is accomplished.  Also, if a project is open in the Camtasia editor, and that same open project file is edited by an external app, like Notepad++, even when the externally edited project file is "saved", the Camtasia editor will not see those saved edits until the project file is reloaded into the editor.

This is the classic master/slave relationship that is more appropriately handled by true database applications, where "dirty" records are "locked" when being edited to prevent another user from touching the same data until the edit is saved and the record [think project file] is "unlocked".

This informational tutorial might shed some further light on this conundrum ...

Issues To Consider When Multiple Users Simultaneously Edit The Same Project File

Otherwise, the only reliable way to share projects between multiple editors is to pass around, back and forth, the zipped project, as pointed out above