How to have 'Capture Cursor' show up when capturing 'Window' ?

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When capturing an "Active window" I would like to have the cursor included, so as to clearly point out, draw attention to, what the capture is about.

Whilst capturing a region, capturing the cursor works fine.
However, I can't get it working in case of capturing an active window, i.e. including title bar, though 'Capture Cursor' is enabled.

Any suggestions?

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Posted 1 year ago

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I would report it as a bug and do manual captures of active windows for now.

I have the exact same problem as you when I ran a test.I clicked the giant red button with my cursor and it wasn't captured.Neither was the capture active window pop up.

I did my standard image capture using a hot key and magnification target. Placed it near the upper right corner of the active window.Let go of the mouse.Used my arrow keys to pin point the target to corner.
Hit the space bar to start the selection.
Moved the mouse to bottom right corner. Arrow keys rinse and repeat. Hit enter to complete capture. Presto.

Not as fast, but no cropping necessary.And everything captured.

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Hi Joe, thanks for the above.
Ehm.... what you are doing, isn't it roughly the same as doing a region capture but then include the  title bar?

I have a profile that captures the active window, using hotkey and no preview.

For example: if I go thru all the settings panels of a Windows application, I simply hit the hotkey, the mouse point (IF.. it would have been displayed/captured) would then be pointing to some 'option' that requires attention, enable/disable, and I hit on the hotkey again at the next screen.

A minimum of effort.

Maybe this is by design. I'll report it though.

A less convenient workaround may be to use 'Fixed Region'. Often such 'setting / options'
panels are of the same size.
Less convenient means that you may get all kind of sub panels included in your screenshot, which may or may not be desirable - that's up to the user.


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I didn't mean to suggest it was a better technique than using capture active window.

I was suggesting it could be better than capturing full screen, and cropping.

I fired up SnagIt 2018 and it has the same issue.It would't capture the cursor in Microsoft WORD. I scaled the program to a small active window,opened a stock template  and placed my cursor in the center of the image. It wasn't captured.

I recently reinstalled SnagIt 12 and looked at it. It didn't work either.

So it must be by design, why I'll never understand.

I'd find a cursor stamp that works for you. Plan on inserting it were necessary.
Enjoy the holidays {:>)
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Thanks a lot for all the efforts! Truly appreciated.

Indeed, in the past I made such screenshots that would end up in the editor and I would then use shapes or an arrow to mark specific items.

It is quite a workload when you have a lot of screenshots.
Agree, it is not a thing you do every week or month, but just once in a while I do create screenshots of applications settings so I know what settings have been changed over time.
Early this year I did so for Office 2016 and ended up with roughly 150 screenshots (Outlook, Excel, Word). Recently I moved over to Office 365. If the setup does not mess up all the 2016 settings, you are lucky, but better safe then sorry, again screenshots. 

Anyway, thanks again for all the work.

Same to you: 'Enjoy your holidays!'
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I've never been able to get the active window with cursor to work either.

My method to capture a cursor and what I what captured with it may be crude but always works is to
use a "Time Delay Region capture"

I have a preset made to capture Region with cursor and a 10 sec. delay.

In that 10 sec. I open any menus etc and let my cursor set there about where I want it till the delay counts down.

When the count down hits 0 my cursor is Frozen in place and the crosshair pops up and then I drag out the region around the cursor I want in the capture.

In the Editor I can with the Move tool active,  click on the cursor and move it, enlarge it, delete it and so on.

It really takes no time to make this capture (in my case 10 seconds) and I have the benefit of manipulating the captured cursor.

And it just works.


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Another possibility is to just ignore the cursor altogether at capture time and just use a cursor stamp.
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@dubie: most (if not all) of my presets have a time delay. They work fine when capturing a region.
This is indeed how I do it. Place the arrow where you want

Place the arrow where you want

Then move over to the 'border' and select the complete window


It requires the 'extra step' though and I was hoping on some trick to avoid that.

Meanwhile sent submitted a ticket. Maybe in this specific scenario capturing the cursor is too complicated.

Let's see.

Thanks for thinking along Dubie.