How to make text/colors on custom library asset editable from Properties panel?

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Many of the default library assets enable users to quickly edit text and colors from the properties panel. Screenshot of the "Assist" lower-third asset here:

I have a custom asset I made as a lower-third using shapes and annotations. How do I get this properties screen to appear for my asset? I'm trying to make it easy for interns to create videos with premade assets.
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  • confused.

Posted 2 years ago

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Found it, removed previous response
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Joe, that's for global colors/fonts. I'm talking about when you add an asset from the Camtasia 2018 library, it will display an area in the "Properties" box that you can edit things like text. (See screenshot)

I don't know how to do that on a custom asset.
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For any future visitors, here's how I solved this:

IMPORTANT! Your asset needs to have all it's tracks grouped into ONE BIG GROUP. No subgroups, just one big one. Only way I was able to get this to work so far.

Anyway, on to the goods:
  • Go to your library files. On Mac:
/Users/[username]/Library/Application Support/TechSmith/Camtasia 2018/Library/User Libraries
  • Find your asset and open it's *.assetproj file in a text editor
  • Find the "id" numbers for all of your media:

IMPORTANT! Don't worry about the "id" number for the overall group. Just individual bits like callouts.

  • Now, scroll down near the bottom. You should eventually happen upon a segment of code that looks like:
"attributes" : {
    "ident" : "Banner Edit",
    "gain" : 1.0,
    "mixToMono" : false
  • Within this code, add a comma after the "mixToMono" line and hit enter, then add:
"assetProperties" : [
  • In between those 2 brackets, for each of your medias, you can add the following code:
    "type" : 0,
    "name" : "Title",
    "objects" : [ 6 ]

And a comma after each one except the last. Replace the "objects" number with an "id" for a media and give it a title. Saving once you're done should give you the edit pane in properties now.

Example of my finished code:

And my properties panel:

EDIT: Oh, and use type=0 for text and type=1 for shape/color. Not sure the other types as I only need these two, but I'm sure you can find them if you poke around the stock assets files.
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Thanks for sharing your solution in such great detail, Dale.