How to restore SnagIt standard profiles?

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Up front: I know, this question has been asked before, a few years back. I followed the solution provided back then, but one way or the other, my existing presets are restored.

What I did:
install SnagIt v2019.1 in VM
made sure it wasn't running
went into HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\TechSmith\SnagIt\19 and deleted the folder 'Profiles'
launched SnagIt, but the previous presets again showed up.

Reason I tried with installing SnagIt in VM is that I was hoping(!) it would start out with the default presets.
I would the export those and import them into SnagIt on host, i.e. I would then have the default presets in SnagIt on host PC.

That did not work out.
Reason for doing that is that accidentally I imported presets twice so I have a BIG list of presets.
Deleting them in 1 action seems to be impossible. Should be done with a number of mouse-clicks, one by one...

It would be nice to have a kind of remove all, and/of have a downloadable default presets.

Feel that SnagIt should prevent importing duplicates (presets with the same name)


(also see: 
SnagIt v13: How to delete all imported presets in 1 'go' (instead of 1-by-1) Posted 2 years ago)

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Posted 1 year ago

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After 200+ clicks all presets were deleted.
Exited SnagIt.
Imported an existing snagpresets file (13 presets)
all to old stuff is back.

I counted...160 (!) presets.
It seems I can't get rid of them.

SnagIt File -> Exit
Deleting the the 'Profiles' folder in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\TechSmith\SnagIt\19
doesn't solve the problem.

All presets are there again.

Don't know where SnagIt is retrieving them from.

Will ask support.


I probably have found it. 

1. Exit SnagIt
2. delete Presets2.xml 
in C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Techsmith\SnagIt folder
Maybe also (on top) delete the 'Profiles' in the registry, though I am not sure whether it has anything to do with it.
3. Launch SnagIt (notice just two presets are available)
4. Exit SnagIt again
5. create a copy of the presets2.xml (for future purposes)
6. launch SnagIt again
7. import existing presets file.

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It could well be that it's the order in which you attempted the deletion. For example, if you left SnagIt open, then deleted the registry stuff, then decided to restart SnagIt, you may have simply restored to the registry the items you deleted.

I discovered this with a different application I use. One Adobe now owns. It seems that the application reads in what is in the registry, then writes back out to the registry when the application properly closes.

So I'd be willing to bet ten dollars against a donut that it would work as follows:

Close SnagIt
Edit Registry
Restart Snagit

Cheers... Rick :)
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Hi Rick,
Note that I  'exited' SnagIt all the times before taking actions.

Instead of the standard uninstall I used Revo Uninstaller to uninstall a SnagIt version that I had running within VM.
That tool also offers to remove registry settings and folders and files.
At the point of folders and files, I noticed a file named presets2.xml.
As you can see it is about 4x bigger than the my presets and about 20x bigger than the default presets2.xml (containing 2 presets)

Deleting that file solved the problem.

I did the registry thing half a dozen times, no luck.
In fact, once, after exited SnagIt (always making sure nothing was running using the taskmanager)
and removing the profile thing from the registry I rebooted the pc...
Relaunched SnagIt  - Profile thing was back again (maybe because of the presets2.xml)
In my experience you would probably loose your bet ,  ha!

You may wish to give it a try though.

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Theoretically you should reboot after registry editing
99% of the time you can get away without that (and most registry edits are fine if you just close the program as my namesake pointed out)

Nut if MAKE SURE all instances of Snagit including the editor and any dependent programs are closed, do your edit and renames then REBOOT ...
Worth a try and sometimes that fixes that issue

Just saying ... I beta tested an email client where just replacing the executable would not always  get rid of issues that were supposed to be fixed ... until you rebooted
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Ah, well this is a bit more of a clue on my problem (not "issue" as the word is officially banned in my vocabulary now) but I had just created a couple of Presets in the Trial version when this happened. And while I didn't use Revo I did use a well know clean-up tool that digs into the Registry for an Uninstall but I am not sure I did a reboot. But same result upon a re-install of a freshly downloaded Trial copy so, maybe a W10 uninstall, the added deep uninstall, reboot and a fresh reinstall. Good grief, I honestly thought these days were over. I mean I just cleaned out my old office space 10 days ago and actually hesitated in a weird nostalgic moment when I had to throw out a bunch of 9600 Baud modems we used to stack in sequence back "in the day" to do any kind of work back then ;-)