How to set default fill color?

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After creating a new capture and subsequently clicking on 'Fill', SnagItEditor always starts with a NEW fill color red.

Does anyone out there know how to avoid this, or better how to set a default fill color?
In 99% of the cases it'll be dark grey in my case.


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Posted 2 years ago

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Set the colour to grey.

That will add it to the quick styles area with a + sign next to it.

Click the + sign to add it to you saved quick styles.

Does that do it?
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I am afraid not... (I might be doing something wrong though).

In this example, my steps:
1. click on the dark grey box (the one I would like to have set to default)
2. take a screenshot
3. click on fill, I will get the above (i.e. red box with [+] is displayed under Thema and red fill under tool properties

I need to select the grey box - then the red box with [+] disappears.
It is nothing, I know, but 99% of the cases I use the dark grey to fill (never the red).
So, many times I just click on the fill button - it is then filled red and I have to undo the fill, select grey and fill again.

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Try setting it via the menu IMAGE / CANVAS COLOR
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Whatever I did, I always end up with the red color as default.
I can change the background color alright, no problem, just click on the grey on. Thing is that I can't get it fixed in a way that grey is defaulted. Immediately agree, it is just a minor thing. Was hoping there would be a simple 'tag' or change default background option, whatever.

BTW - what are -you-  getting when taking a screenshot capture?
Is red then also showing up as background color ? (like in the above screenshot, with the dotted line, and the [+] sign)

Thanks for thinking along though.

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That Dotted line with the + sign. Under normal conditions, appears when you change the color or tolerance settings.
In most menus, callouts etc. There's so many Icons, it's hidden with other icons/thumbnails at the bottom of the menu.If you don't slide the tool properties menu downward, it's not visible in most cases.

Anyway, I reported that SnagIt forgets what Quick Style you used last.
Tech supports response was to uninstall the newest version of SnagIt and install Version  2018.1.1 Build 924 Mar. 15 2018. Which I had already done.

This build remembers what style was selected last.Every time.

The bug is written up slightly different, but the solution is the same.

Snagit (Windows): Quick Style Is Not Remembered Between Captures

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Joe, many thanks indeed! 

Sorry for the delay. Had to pay attention to some other things.

I have taken the liberty to report it as well, pointing to this thread and the workaround and writing them that I do hope there will be an update soon. 
Two months have passed since the last update.
It is a bit strange that users have to back 2 steps, i.e. even skipping v2018.2.0, in order to 'fix' this problem.

Maybe.. there is a remote chance, when more people are reporting about this issue, it'll get a slightly higher priority(?)

Anyway, thanks again!