How to speed up video while preserving audio pitch

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Speeding up a talking-head video by 5 to 10% can make it more lively and interesting. When doing this, it is important to preserve the pitch of any spoken audio so that it doesn’t distort the speaker’s voice.


As has been explained by others, this can be done by stripping out the audio and changing the tempo in Audacity before reinserting it back in Camtasia after adjusting the duration of the video.


As I mentioned in an earlier post, it is tiresome to do this as it adds several more steps to the video production process, especially as it can be quite difficult synchronising the lip movements with the audio track.


I am amazed that this is not included as a standard feature in Camtasia for Windows, especially considering the cost of the regular upgrades!


I have discovered that this is done quite simply in a competing product as shown in this video clip:


Hopefully seeing how easily this can be done by others will spur Techsmith into adding the same capability to Camtasia.
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Posted 10 months ago

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Joe Morgan

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TechSmith is full aware of the functionality.
Camtasia for Mac has had this feature for 7 years.Its getting it incorporated into Windows that's needed.

Shane Lovellette, Employee
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I have good news! This feature is implemented in Camtasia for Mac 2.1 which released April 24. Clip Speed is one of the new features in this release, and it speeds up or slows down both video and audio without changing the pitch. Simply drag and drop it onto a clip on the timeline, and you can adjust the speed. You can learn more about the release here:

While Camtasia Studio does have clip speed, it does not have the ability to not change the pitch for sped up audio. This is under consideration for a future release of Camtasia Studio.

Best Regards,
Shane Lovellette

24 April, 2012: Camtasia for Mac 2.1.0
  • Added clip speed to allow compressing or expanding the duration of a clip

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Any updates on this?
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I don't understand. Was this just functionality baked into the Apple OS that's not in the Windows OS, or did Camtasia for Mac really develop something that almost eight years later, the Windows team has yet to even touch? 
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Brooks, Camtasia Technical Product Manager

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With Camtasia 2020 we have licensed tech that will allow you to apply clip-speed without getting chimpmunk audio on both Windows and Mac. **I should always qualify that we plan to have it in 2020, but never guarantee anything prior to a release.**


Camtasia Mac has indeed had this capability for many years. No we didn't develop it in house. We leveraged the capability that's built into Apple's AVFoundation multi-media stack. Apple has a very rich set of multimedia APIs that are more powerful and easier to build on top of than what you get out of the box from Microsoft. Apple being Apple, none of it is cross-platform. So no malicious intent, not us just be lazy or stubborn. We've been working on a cross-platform rendering layer for several years that will sit astride both platforms. The tech we licensed for audio pitch will be integrated into this cross-platform rendering layer.

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