How to split one Camtasia project into multiple smaller videos

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My scenario is that I want to create one long screencast and split it up so I can export multiple videos from the one recording. So instead of creating multiple small recordings, I want to do one recording and split that up later. What is the most efficient way of doing that? Right now I split the project at multiple points and copy and paste those chunks into a new project and then export. Is that the only/best way?
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Posted 4 months ago

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I just created one long project and then we decided we wanted to break it into smaller ones. I did a Save As multiple times, naming each file for the next smaller project. Now I'm opening each project and deleting everything that doesn't belong in it. I don't know if it's any more efficient than what you're doing but all of my media is in place for each one.

I'd be interested in hearing any advice others have.
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That is a perfectly good way to do it, and may be best depending on how much subsequent editing you do.
Another option to play with is to leave it all in one project, but select portions of it to export. If you make a timeline selection, then export/share it, you should get a prompt asking if you want to export just the selection, or the whole timeline.

Neither way is better (separate projects vs one), it depends on what suits you.

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I do this a lot.    Usually I just set timeline markers so I know where I want the breaks to be.  

Then I use the green/red timeline selectors to highlight a section between markers, right-click, and select the "Produce selected section"...
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Let's assume you have a 60 minute video rendered from 60 minutes of media on your time line. I'd save the project, delete all but want you want on chunk#1, (like the first 6 minutes?) - render that, quit w/o saving and reload the 60 minute time line. Continue until all the partials are rendered.

There are programs like EasiestSoft's movie editor, that are reasonable priced but you'll need your movie to be local - as in an MP4.

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use the Library

this older tutorial's technique is still valid for Camtasia 2019

How To Use The Library To Break Up Large Projects Into Multiple Small Sections 2017-04-10

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The way I do it, because I'm splitting long videos up into topics, is I place the title of each topic as it starts, as an annotation in the top left corner of the screen, after I've edited the full length video footage, and created the opening and closing titles. I place markers first, while I'm editing, with the topics on, so it's easy when I go back through to do the annotations. Once the annotations are applied, I export the full length video - which is my initial finished product. To make the shorter topic videos, I open an untitled project, and import the full length video. I then open a short form opening title "template" project I've created, adjust the title accordingly, and do a "Save As" as a new project, named appropriately to the first topic of the full length video. Then I jump back to the untitled project, split the video at the end of the opening titles, when the first corner annotation comes up, skip through to when the next one comes up, split it again, then cut (not copy) the selection, jump back to the topic video project, paste it, and then add a quick fade in and out to the clip, to avoid any overlaps. Then I open a short form closing title "template" project I've created (all my short form closing titles are basically the same), select all, copy, jump back to the topic project, and paste. Lastly, I save the project and export it as an MP4. Then just simply repeat for the number of topics you have in the full video. On the last one, I also split the selection just before the closing titles. The advantage of "cutting" each selection, is that you don't get lost as to what topics you have and haven't done as you go through. No need to save the untitled project when you're done, as it should just have the opening and closing titles left.