How to transfer/extract avi file embedded in Camtasia Player?

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I’m a total newbie. Received an .exe file from a colleague that, when clicked, opens Camtasia Player on my PC and plays a video named
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First off when you say "opens on my PC" is that in a browser?

The Camtasia smartplayer only works in a browser.

Secondly.  Are you sure it is a .avi video?

The most widely used video format in the Camtasia player is .mp4.

Lastly.  Are you sure it is a Camtasia production?

Probably the best and fastest way to get just the video is to ask your colleague if they could just put the video in a zip file and send it to you or upload the zip to somewhere like Dropbox or Mega etc. for you to download.


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Thanks for response! The video is a demo of some scientific apparatus. The file I downloaded is >100 mbytes and is named demo.exe. I downloaded via ftp into the download folder on my PC. No browser involved. When I clicked on the .exe file, the program “ Camtasia Player “ automatically opened on my PC. I can see that program name by right clicking on the icon that appeared on my task bar. To my knowledge, I’ve never downloaded “Camtasia” software. The video starts automatically. I can see the file name, “demo.avi” , along the very top of my screen on the Camtasia Player. Apart from that, I can’t locate or extract any such avi file.

I’d contact the original maker, but he’s gone to see the Maker years ago and is no longer with us. Ergo, contacting him isn’t an option.

Any other ideas?
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It use to be popular to put things in to a exe container but that isn't advisable today and most platform don't allow uploading exe file. Security reasons is why.

Since getting the original video is not a option and how it was made in to a exe file is unknown I can only think of a few options.

Work with a backup of the exe and try opening it in  a compression program. I recommend 7zip.

Sometime the exe is just a container and the video may be included.

The other option would be to play the video and record it. I would save it as a mp4 then.

If you don't have Camtasia or even Snagit  which can record video, then there are free desktop recording programs (Google it) or if you have VLC (which everyone IMO should have) you can record with it.

Sorry but there are to many variables of how the exe was created to know if there is a way to extract the contents or if it would even be possible.


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Thanks, Dubie! Worked like a charm. I unzipped using 7zip and saw that there indeed were 2 separate files (demo.avi and CamPlay.exe),. This gave me access directly to the .avi file. Problem solved!
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Camtasia Player is an old school/stand alone player for Camtasia videos.

Camtasia uses it's own format and this player supports it. The fact that you don't have to install the player makes it kind of nice.

It's old school enough that I don't anything about it. Apparently, the original maker created a file that open the video in the player for you. Opening that file somehow would be the key.

If you had a screen recorder, you could record the video playing. Odds are you'll drop some frames. But it's an option.


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I must have been posting when you

I didn't know there was a stand alone Camtasia player back in the day.

Doing some research on it it seems that .avi was the format used so that is most likely what
@steve got was the video distributed with that player.

Here's a text snip-it of what I found.

Media Players have become large complicated applications that depend
on the latest Windows features (e.g. the current version of DirectX).
The common Media Players have also become a battleground for streaming
formats, entertainment portals, advertising, etc.  These players tend
to be optimized for entertainment content and are often simply not
appropriate for playing screen recordings.  Camtasia Player is
designed to guarantee simple high quality playback of your Camtasia
Studio videos.

Camtasia Player is a simple, standalone video player, optimized for
playing screen recordings.  Camtasia Player always plays movies at
100% of their original size so that they remain readable.  It runs
on any 32-bit Windows platform, with no dependencies on runtime
libraries, OS version, or DirectX.  The Player is a single .EXE file
that does not need any setup, nor does it use the registry or any
configuration files.  Camtasia Player is designed to be as easy to
use as possible to avoid support issues.  Command line options are
provided which allow Camtasia Player to be invoked in various ways
from CD-ROMs, multimedia authoring tools, and scripting languages or
batch files.  The command line options are listed below in the "How
to Use Camtasia Player" section.

Camtasia Player only plays AVI video files.  Beginning with v2.0,
Camtasia Player has built-in support for the TechSmith Screen Capture
Codec (TSCC).  This means that an AVI encoded with the TSCC codec
will always play in the Camtasia Player, even if the TSCC codec is
not installed on the system.  Any other audio or video codecs
required by the AVI file must be installed before Camtasia Player can
play the movie. Camtasia Player does not setup any shell associations
to become the default AVI player.  However, this could be setup by an
install program that you provide, or by an end user.