How do I insert transitions into Camtasia 8?

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With Cam 7 we just dropped it down. With 8 it doesn't work and I find NOTHING that explains this point! I spend an extra $100 for an upgrade and I find it harder to use and certainly less intuitive!
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Posted 8 years ago

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Hi John,

I'm sorry for your frustration, We did make some pretty big changes to the timeline to allow for more flexibility and new features, but it does take some getting used to if you're used to the old timeline. We do take user feedback very seriously; please continue to let us know when you come across something that seems more difficult to use or non-intuitive.

So for CS 8, transitions work a bit differently but are more flexible. Instead of taking up space on a track, they either sit on top of the beginning or end of a clip, or span between two clips. That way, if your clips have audio, they don't create gaps of silent audio during the transition. Here's a quick example of how to add transitions:

Hope this helps.
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In Camtasia 7, the movie played throughout the transitions. In Camtasia 8, I'm having a problem with transitions. The movie stops at each transition, and the person viewing the video has to keep hitting the play button. How can I make the video continue playing through each of the transitions without stopping? Thank you.
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Hi John,

Thanks for your question. To add a transition in Camtasia Studio 8, simply select the transitions tab (it may be under the more tab if you don't see it as one of the visible tabs), then click on a transition you like and drag it down to the point where you want the transition on the timeline. You can add transitions to all media boundaries by selecting all the clips on a track or on all tracks, then right click on the transition you want and select add transition to selected media. Here is a screencast showing how it works:

I apologize for the audio. The built-in mic on my laptop is not very good.

I hope this helps!

Best regards,

Shane Lovellette
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I have been having problems with transitions with CS 8 for the longest. Some work. Some do not. Why is it being so selective. The video was recorded with Camtasia Recorder, so I can't imagine it has anything to do with encoding or file format.
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But what if I want the transitions between the clips, which is how it was in Camtasia 7? That meant I didn't lose anything from either clip - nothing from the end of the "before" clip and nothing from the beginning of the "after" clip. Can I no longer do that? Do I have to deliberately allow some silent time at the start and end of clips?
You seem to have solved one problem (you have decided that people don’t want silence during transitions) by introducing another (those of us who want silence during transitions now have more work to do). In "explainer" videos is it good practice to have somebody talking during transitions? I don't think so!
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Shane, your video clip is great and it claims that you can insert transitions between the clips, as before. But I can't figure out how to do that. Even if I space my clips out, the transition cannot be dropped into the space. Can you explain how to do that?
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Same question as Lawrence - how do you put transitions between clips in 8 like you could do in 7?
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Same problem here, the first time I used I managed to drop a transitions over two clips, but now no matter what I try it, will not cover both.

infact the first transition drop has split in to two mini transitions.

Note I made a library clip of my first section, could this cause the problem.

Must say my first impression of 8 is not good.
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first, the clips must be touching each other

then, drag/drop a transition from the transition tab's selection and drop it on the split between the clips

this works perfectly for me in CS8

you can also select clips then right click a transition type and add to selected media

if this does not work for you, please do a screencast of the issue not working correctly , upload to[?] so we can see what's happening
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Workaround - I had problems as well. Seems like a bug and took me a while to work out.

See to understand the problem and to see the workaround.

The issue seems to be that Camtasia 8.12 build 1327 (and possibly previous versions) does not create an actual split in some instances when you remove parts of your video (Windows 7 64bit): it simply forgets where you split the video or deleted parts of the video.

After you remove some part of the video (but not part of the audio) using CTRL X to ripple delete it joins the video together, leaving a marker where they were joined - but without Camtasia recognizing this as a split. There is a visible marker on the time line - but the split is ignored.

So you can not drag a transition on to it. When you drag a transition there, it puts it to the beginning of the first split it can find.

The only way around this is to insert a new split which is then recognized by Camtasia.

You can see that Camtasia does not recognize the split, as it does not allow you to select video before or after the marker on the screen - but selects both sides of the unrecognized split.

Note: this may also happen when doing a normal ripple delete for both audio and video at the same time - I have not tested this.
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I believe what your are seeing is Camtasia's new stitching effect; it actually executes in 2 parts

after doing a cut with ctl-X, the selection is removed and what used to be a split is replaced by the stitch mark

if you do undo one time, the stitch mark will be replaced by a normal split; a second undo will undo the cut

I believe these is now a tutorial on techsmith web site that explaines stitching
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The Camtasia 8 tutorials (for Windows) are missing a section on Transitions. The version 7 video tutorial for Transitions does not apply. I had to come to this support forum to try to get help on how the feature works, and have decided it's too hard. I'm going to create my own workaround for transitions by inserting images.

It sounds like Version 7 was better at handling Transitions, but the new stitching effect has interfered with the old preferred functionality. Perhaps the development team need to re-think this.

Looking forward to some resolution in the future.
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Yes I could not find the transitions in my new Camtasia 8 tutorials. Had to find one on YouTube. Doesn't mattetr now that I have read this forum and tested the featutre out myself. It doesn't work if you want to add multiple transitions in betweens slides of a recorded PPT file. Not impressed with this so far.
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You don't have to use images - it's actually quite simple once you have figured it out.

Most important - a stitch CAN NOT have a transition - you have to split it first. If you read comments above you'll find some info on how to turn off auto-stitching, but now that I have become used to it, it's actually quite useful.

To add a transition you must split where you want to insert the transition - then drag the transition to the timeline.

The problem with auto-stitching is, that you actually must become aware of this happening. And because this behavior is so different from V7, it is not expected.

So if you cut a video and remove some part of it, the two parts left will auto-stitch together, and show a dotted line. This is not a cut - so you can not add a transition.

Just re-select the video and audio, and apply an actual cut. Now you can add the transition.

I didn't like this at all at the beginning, but the auto-stitching has some advantages when moving video around.

However at least a small review would help, as every action you take always deselects everything - meaning you have to re-select it. Would be much better if this would not happen.

For example while you can select an area by highlighting it with the playhead red and green markers, I often cut by moving the whole playhead along the time line. But every time I cut, I have to reselect the time line - which is a pain.
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tip ...

to immediately remove a stitch added by auto stitching, just use undo once [ctl-Z]; you end up with a split instead of the stitch
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Steffan Klein

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Cool - thanks for the tip.
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I have Camtasia 8.4 and I can't get transitions to even drop onto the timeline.  I'm not using them to transition between video clips.  I am using them to introduce a new section on the video.  I try dragging to four different timeline (video, sound and a couple for panning) and it won't stick to any of them.

BTW, the Zoom/Pan option is not working either.  IF I want any of these, I have to put them in myself.  This used to work.

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transitions will only stick where there is a split on timeline

try splitting the video clip then add the transition

perhaps explain the zoom pan problem in more detail?

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