How do you work with video between Camtasia Studio and Adobe Premiere?

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How do I produce my video in Camtasia Studio so that I can edit it in Adobe Premiere and retain the best possible quality?
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Posted 9 years ago

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Here are two resources that may help if you work with both Camtasia Studio and Adobe Premiere.

Kelly Rush is the Marketing Video Producer at TechSmith. He created this one-page document that walks you through his process for working with video between Camtasia Studio and Adobe Premiere.

Word Doc -

This second resource is a video created by Jeff Bellune. In this 14 minute video, Jeff covers the following:

• Exporting Lossless Video from Camtasia Studio
• Selecting Proper Codecs for Import into Premiere Pro
• Creating Premiere Sequences that Maintain Optimum Text Legibility
• Nesting and Animating Sequences so that Text Stays Sharp and Easily Readable
• Using After Effects to Make Animation Better and Easier (14:26)

If you have some good experiences, or helpful tips to share, please add them to this thread. Thanks.
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Great news!
We've just released Camtasia Studio 8, and we’ve added a ton of new features that make it a worthy competitor in video editing. We re-wrote our timeline, revamped our callouts and transitions, and did a bunch of stuff behind the scenes for better performance. It’s possible what you do in Adobe Premiere can now be done in Camtasia Studio!

Below is a video on all of the new stuff in Camtasia Studio 8.

Learn more about what’s new here, as well as download a free, fully-functional 30 day trial:


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hmm, it seems you removed the ability to export from premiere with the new techsmith 2 codec. I keep getting an error that you can only encode with TSMC2 through camtasia. I had a really good workflow editing with premiere, camtasia simply cannot edit as well, especially when editing 100s of hours of content.

Please allow us to encode to TSMC2 with Adobe Media Encoder!
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I can't import my AVI file wih techmith codec into Premiere Pro CS6. It works in Premiere Pro CS5 but not in recently installed Premiere Pro CS6. Where do I install the codec in Windows 7 ?
I work with Camtasia 7.
Thank you.
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I'm trying to import a Camtasia .avi into Adobe After Effects, but I'm getting an "unsupported file format" error.

I've tried installing the codec (tscc.exe), but same error.

How do I import a Camtasia .avi into After Effects?

*Also, just to clarify, this is an avi directly out of the recorder (so I'm saving my recording as an avi, not a .camrec in the options.)

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How to import Camtasia .avi into Adobe After Effects?.
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Apparent lack of response to Adobe Premier questions is the primary reason I'm not buying Camtasia. Many of us love the screen editing and capture abilities of Camtasia... But today's marketers need to edit in speakers... And not from clugy webcams. If Camtasia took a cooperative perspective instead of a competitive perspective here and let people know how to make their new versions work with Premier and not just leave only old posts on the subject it would be great.
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I have no problem at all using Camtasia videos in PPro. Of course I don't export as an avi file...I use mp4. AVI's are very large files since they are uncompressed and really don't seem to offer an advantage (for me) over mp4's. Mp4 is a great format and works very well in PPro.

I tried importing an .avi in PPro and the got error as well. It appears to be a PPro problem, not a Camtasia problem. I did a Google search and found a lot of information on this issue happening in PPro.

My workflow is pretty simple...compile out of Camtasia Studio as an mp4 file and import into works fine.

I don't know what else Techsmith can provide that will make you feel like they are being "cooperative".

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Have no problem with exporting video productions from camtasia 8 to premiere pro
I find techsmith has the best tech support out there (thats why I purchase every new version they come out with). If you have a problem you can't figure out just call them. I just did a couple of video productions using the new camtasia 8 and they worked great. see my youtube channel pf1950
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People, please distinguish the PPro version. Mp4's worked great in cs5, but are impossible in cs6. Big grief.

If someone has found a Camtasia codec on Mac and/or PC that works properly in PPro cs6, please let us know! Details please.

Setting 50%? Techs say that's best over "High Quality." Seems true.
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I don't have any problems playing mp4's in PPro (6.0.0 CC version, Mac). These are exported out of with the default settings from Camtasia:Mac

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I Just found out how to import avi Recording from Camtasia to Premiere without directly working In Camtasia Editing:

1.Take Camtasia file and extract file with 7-zip (maybe WinRAR will also works but I'm not sure)
2.You get a lot of files take only video and audio files and import in Premiere
3.That it you have file in Premiere ready to go

Tip For some reason 7-zip sometimes stuck at 0% if that happened just click cancel and start extracting again
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OK, but you just end up with an AVI and then several other 'meta-data' files like keystrokes and zooms. Why not just record in the original AVI format to begin with? (That's assuming it works.)
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Malwarebytes Anti-Malware flagged the download from the link as 'High Risk' malware.

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