How to screen record one particular window content?

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When I start (in Camtasia Studio v7.1.1) screen recording then CS offers me to
record either full screen or custom area.

I miss an option to record exactly the content of ONE particular window.
Ok I can fiddle around the custom option to match approximately the window area.
But I could imagine that there is a native direct "record window" option.

Where is it exactly?

Thank you
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Posted 7 years ago

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Could you maybe provide a link of what you are trying to record or give more information please? I would try using the Select Area To Record Option and seeing if that works. I have done this numerous times with no problems, well, not all the time but most of the time. Let us know and thanks for posting. Wishing you Happy Holidays.
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Hi pstein,

Try looking at this documentation, specifically the sections titled "Record a Region, Area or Window" and "Lock Recording Area to Window or Application"

I believe what you're looking for is "Lock to Application" under the custom recording options.

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The link doesn't work 
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I face the same issue , i can't record single window . single windows differ from single application of area.
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Have you tried manually selecting the window using  "Select Area to Record"

See Image Below

Regards, Joe

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Same problem - I run a slidedeck and I use notes on top of it - so notes are being recorded on top of slides - ridiculous.
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Yes!, same problem in the most of recording softwares

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I don't think that is how this works. The "Lock to application" will simply  lock the recorded area to the area of that application including all of what is being shown on screen.
If you move another application inside of that area it will record it, that is -- in my opinion -- the way it is supposed to work. If that would change I'd be pretty surpised to move something into the recorded area and not see it later...
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This is one area of Camtasia that I honestly believe needs some serious improvement. The way it works seems backward from what I was accustomed to with using Adobe Captivate to record the screen. 

With Adobe Captivate, when you record you are offered the following similar choices:

Choosing the Application results in Captivate bringing the application to the foreground and surrounding the recording area around it. That seems nice and intuitive!

But Camtasia seems to work against you in this regard. Choosing to lock to application appears to be a misnomer. Sure, I'm able to press Alt+Tab and bring an application into the foreground, but simply selecting the application you want seems to simply force that application into the dimensions listed in the dialog. That is, assuming you can coax it to "lock onto" the application in the first place. In my view, it should simply configure the recording dimensions to match the application once you select it. 

I'd strongly welcome a change in Camtasia so that it appears to operate in a similar fashion to Captivate. If I choose the "Lock to Application" feature, present me with a list of running applications and let me choose the application. Then, if I need or want to change the dimensions, allow me to do that as well before I commence recording.

In Captivate, if you have selected an application, the recording area simply surrounds the application. Should you need to move the application to a different position on the screen, before you begin recording, that recording area is maintained and follows the application window where you dragged it to. 

Camtasia seems especially fiddly with the selection process. Coaxing it to surround an application window is very unintuitive. And I really dislike that it doesn't just allow me to select the window easily. 

I do like the ability to configure dimensions if I need or want to. But I personally think the devs could learn a bit by looking at the Captivate playbook for ideas on making selection easier.