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 Heavy Camtasia 2019 Windows user here with a huge idea/request/bug collection - what would be likely to happen if I dumped them all in 2 or 3 relevant posts?

I only ask because it would take me hours to go through my list of 84 items and make a new post for each one. Of course, some of these have been posted about before (searching for missing media, holding control to disable snap on the canvas), some of them are just tiny little niggling things (inaccurate filename for exported audio - "Untitled Project"), and I'm sure some of them are things which I have just gotten wrong (like now realising I can insert time using a selection). However, I don't just want to sit on them forever so they're no use to anyone, nor do I want to sound like a miserable sod who just wants to complain. A lot of the things I'm thinking of would really make editing much, much faster, but what I want may be very specific to me.

I'm also saying this as I've come from lots of other software, especially audio editors such as Reaper and Pro Tools. I would love to see some functionality from them be used here, and I'm afraid that if my workflow and if the options in Camtasia remain as limited as they are in many places, I'll seriously consider moving over to Adobe or something similar.

I've added a little section of something I've done - right now it's mainly corporate animations, explainers, walkthroughs with screen grabs, etc. Camtasia is perfect for this simple style of animation, so I would love to see it improved.

So basically, I'm just wondering what you think would happen if I dropped a huge list, or if you can think of a good way of doing so in the hope that something might be done. Whatever happens, I'm going to have to spend some time sifting through it, writing it up, and finding solutions/comparisons from other places.

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  • a bit frustrated

Posted 2 months ago

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How you chose to post here is a bit of a gamble, with no clear cut expectations as to how the post will be treated/handled over time.
It may be moved elsewhere.  "Merged" 

Case in point...........Adjust the UI Color and Contrast.........

Over the course of nearly 3.5 years.
200 members have voted yes to the idea.

Currently there are nearly 100 responses.
How many have been moved/merged/lost to other posts??? Who Knows!
Some posts have been gained by this process as well.

Many of the current responses originated from a separate post.
Posts that contain additional comments and/or suggestions from members.
Once merged into another posting.
Your left with the original Post/Idea/Question. A link is provided to the original post.
The way to view the comments in the original post is to click the link.
So, a lot of feedback can get buried in the process.

I'm going to share my favorite posting from another member.She posted it in the same thread. Summing up up what I'm getting at.


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OMG! I have just come back in again after time away to read the forums and see this is STILL going on?  AND my two previous posts on this issue have been merged into a new topic AGAIN! Speechless!
I have been using Camtasia 8 since this UI issue began and it looks like I will be doing so for quite a while yet. 

Shes since quit posting to the forum.
If you're still out there Sharyn, I hope you are well.

So theres that......................

An aftermath is formed through all this merging-------------CONFUSION.

The following is one sentence from a long and detailed posting. A TechSmith employee in the same thread.
, Camtasia Technical Product Manager

This thread is really splintered into multiple viewpoints which has made it difficult to navigate.

Yeah no kidding. It must be equally confusing to other members. Its my opinion that a majority of the  contributions/opinions/ideas have become lost in the haze.

To be fair, thats one of the largest topics posted in this forum.
Most topics won't become so muddied.
Still, all are subject to merging.

I'm afraid you have to pick your poison here. As a longtime member, I've been frustrated by this process many times.
For what its worth.
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I've been creating and publishing "suggested improvements list" for Camtasia since version 6;  links to these "ideas" have been posted in this forum many different times, and the collections hosted on my web site and made available to anyone interested

I haven't bothered to update the collections since Camtasia 9, but they still manage to get a lot of traction; Camtasia 2019 is very similar to Camtasia 9, so most of the items are still relevant

For me, the "feedback" received have been most insightful

Suggestions For Camtasia 8

Suggestions For Camtasia 9

perhaps consider doing something similar for your ideas?

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You are welcome to send the feedback / suggestions directly to me. Your call on how you want to post on these user-to-user forums.


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Thanks Brooks, I'll probably do that. I'll go into as much detail as I can, and maybe for some things I'll post here too.