I have quiz troubles and need an adult!

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I consider this post a question mixed in with several ideas and possible a bug report. i hope one of you who knows more about quizzing can read all this and help me problem solve:

Because I work for sadists who insist that everyone taking their quizzes must get 100 percent, I've had to get creative in compelling Camtasia to submit to my will. I have a workaround because unfortunately, camtasia quizzing still kinda sucks And students can’t retry a question...

My employer also insists that students don’t get to see the right answer when they get the answer wrong... I solved that one pretty easily by modifying the color of the “correct” SVG icon in the JavaScript and making it match the background so it’s invisible. I know, I’m a genius lololol

I’ve figured out how to do all this because if I couldn’t, they’d pull the plug in camtasia and we’d go back to only using Captivate. (Consider that a warning, techsmith...)

But here’s my real issue:

My Multiple attempts fix: i created a quiz library asset for each question so I can easily move the questions around the huge training I’m building. The quiz marker is attached to an object and it repeats the question 8 times. (It’s a 4-option MC question). After the fourth wrong attempt, it kicks them back to the start of that section. After the 8th wrong attempt (which you would really have to try to fail to reach this question), it kicks them way down the timeline to a screen that makes them restart the training.

It’s a pain to set this up but it works for their needs.

My problem: I created each question as a library asset. The marker is on an object in that asset. There are also two regular markers on objects in this asset item. One marker is on an invisible object that I can move to the start of the section. This is my aforementioned “restart the section” marker. The second marker is where it sends the student once they get it right and they can continue the training.

My issue, is that I am unable to change the Jump to target marker for quiz questions once I drop them in the library. I created a library quiz question template that I wanted to be able to drop throughout the training and then fill in the text. Even when I relabel all my markers, it still won’t let me change the “ jump to target” marker. It will keep changing it to the same marker on all questions.

If that actually makes sense to you, then is this just a bug or is there a better way to essentially copy and paste a quiz question?

Techsmith... you seriously need to let people create a quiz question library, so you can easily duplicate or move around questions.
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Hi there

I'm not sure if this is a possibility, but have you considered blending Camtasia and Captivate to exploit each for their strengths?

Use Camtasia to create the video bits you need and add them to Captivate slides leading to the quizzing bits. It's been a while since I used Captivate, but as I recall, it blows Camtasia out of the water when it comes to the quizzing feature and its flexibility.

Cheers... Rick :)
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especially with Captivate 2019's interactive video features
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if I recall correctly, go-to-marker hotspots get "broken" when you put them in the Library [which makes sense when you think about it]

configure the hotspot as a go-to-time item, and reset the time value when adding from Library back to a project