I need 30 / 60 fps Full HD on a Webcam, not just Screen (e.g. with Elgato Camlink, C922, Brio)

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Hello. I want to upgrade my entire setup for 2019. I'm using Camtasia 9 (Version 9.1.2 build 3011). I know there is 1 update for around ~100 usd or so.

I have been using the Logitech C922 and am switching to a DSLR (Canon 80d). I'm connecting the DSLR using Elgato Camlink. It has been correctly added as a "webcam" to my system and I can pretty much use it in any software.

Everything works perfectly, the camera, the Elgato CamLink, Elgato Sotware, Streamlabs OBS and all of them handle full HD 30/60

....of course besides CamtasiaCamtasia build-in recorder is able to record the webcam at 5 or 10 frames at most. Settings cannot be changed (it's hard set to 60fps full hd, but that might be the CamLink itself) but in gods name, how can this be limited so hard??

I know there is a buffer issue and with simultanious record of a HQ screen + HQ webcam some PC's may have trouble, but for people that this is a daily job and need the best possible quality on the videos the PC and equipment surely would handle 2 full hd screens or more. The full hd capturing also didn't work on the Logitech C922 (it also limited the camera to 5/10 fps). 

  • I need to record my 2560 x 1440 screen + my 1920x1080 webcam at once, at least in 30 fps (60 should be possible). Just like it's possible in any streaming software etc.
  1. If I buy this stupid 2018 update (which enables 60fps screen capture) will it also capture my camera in 30 / 60 fps or is that limited to only the screen recording. Beeing a paid software you should consider the market needs and implement CamLink support
  2. Do TechSmith plan on updating this option? More and more people will upgrade their PC specs and it should be available without any issue
Please do allow us to capture both sources at high quality and fps at once. On our responsibility, I doubt the PC will crash or overheat or anything.

I was blaming the camlink at first, but then I realized that camtasia is the only limit factor here, 

PS. It's a shame TechSmith is blantantly sucking out money. I need to pay $100 for an "update" to be able to even record my screen at 60 fps? in 2019....This should be a free feature. All the other "updates" are practically useless. So many years and still the only "Zoom" feature is the "Animations" tab. Why can't I magnify a portion of my screen?  I could still use Camtasia 8 nothing has improved besides the crashing. Nice move to limit us to 30fps on purpose so you can push this update a year later and force people to buy the update.
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  • dissapointed and frustrated.

Posted 1 year ago

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So first off, the 2018 update only allows for 60 FPS editing.
The recorder is incapable of capturing video at 60 frames per second. It still records at 30 frames per second.

I think TechSmith has the mindset of creating software for simpletons. They impose restrictions like this so that clueless people have less trouble creating videos. This is my personal theory.

I see this problem with other software. That automatically handles too much for the user. It can take too much control out of the hands of the competent. Lowers the functionality of the program overall. Especially when there's no way to override the restrictions.

The only way around these things, in my opinion. It is to have an expert mode. Which obviously, Camtasia does not offer.

Until something changes, unfortunately. Camtasia is what it is.

Regards, Joe
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Thank you for the answer Joe, what....editing at 60fps but still capturing the screen at 30? This seems like a bad joke. After all Camtasia is a ~$300  software. 

You explained it pretty well and at least gave me more insight but that is so frustrating. Been using camtasia for years but it seems so restricted. 

Things like zooming screen, editing your audio (the build-in noise cancelling  effect is a joke), 60fps should be top notch priorities. Instead TechSmith adds some Library items, outdated lower thirds and stuff.  I wish someone from the Camtasia staff will at least read the above perhaps it will come to their attention. I'm surely not the only one with that problem.

Recording the webcam and screen separately with 2 programs isn't very handy. Looking for an alternative program or solution.