I purchased Snagit 2018 recently. Will I have to buy Snagit 2019?

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I've been running Snagit 11.1 at work and decided to upgrade to Snagit 2018 back in July. Three months later, the 2019 version gets released.

Will we have to pay for this update, or will this be a free upgrade for those who have purchased it recently?

I work with various audio software, and companies like Ableton and Native Instruments offer free upgrades to the next update if you purchased it a month or two before the release. Why hasn't there been more announcements about it's development and release date? I would have waited to buy 2019 if that was the case. Forcing folks who've recently purchased it to pay again seems somewhat unfair. 

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Posted 2 years ago

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Check with customer service. My GUESS is that it depends on how long it has been since you purchased 2018. They have a maintenance agreement that will cover this sort of thing and  it seems to be at a reasonable price as long as they don't start getting tricky with it

Please search my posts as I am the first on to scream about rentware schemes and definitely am not  counted on to say yes to whatever they might come up with. 
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I have to ask why you upgraded from the best version of Snag-it in the first place! Version 11.4.3 was the best they ever released? What were you looking for when you upgraded? I use Version 11.4.3 flawlessly, but I do all my outboard picture processing with other tools. Nor do I use any of Snag-it's file/folder management. I simple snag-it into my own folder and reference everything from there.

Vincent (01-17-2018)
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Up front: while I do agree with you, v11 had the best interface (for me, it was even 11.3 - I believe as from 11.4 they removed folderview?) I gave v12 a try, but quickly went back(upgrade charge was refunded).

Later I went on with 2018, having to live with the feeling that the 'good old days' would never return.

Things change and some point in time, one may need to accept that and go on, though very reluctantly.
Like many other users, I still think the interface is still crap, compared with v11.
Many endless threads have been posted, together with suggestions. They didn't make it, at least not in version 2018.

As said, one may have to accept the situation and consider that support for the old versions expired or are due to expire. There will be no fixes.

I have been working with 2018 for a while now, Vincent and, frankly speaking, I have to confess: I got more or less used to it.
The 2018 version does include some new nice features, e.g. when combining images (in SnagItEditor) the canvas automatically expands, or Panoramic capture.

As for file management I also use a file manager (Directory Opus) renaming files and storing them into specific folders. SnagItEditor 2018 doesn't even include a simple F2 for renaming (should be done in the library, requiring a number of extra clicks)

Soon version 2019 will be released. Maybe it includes features that will persuade you to give that version a try.
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Maybe it includes features that will persuade you to give that version a try.

On that note, theres a "Combine Images" feature that's pretty nice. Beta testers can't comment on unreleased software due to non disclose agreements.

However.TechSmith can. Starting at 3 minutes into this video.They discuss this feature.I copied the URL to start at 3 minutes, but that doesn't always seem to work.


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Indeed the combine images feature is pretty cool. The only thing I've found about it that I'm not really happy about is that when choosing the orientation for the new combined image, it's not actually presented that way in the editor. 

So far I've discovered that if you want them horizontal, you CAN drag the window to be wider though. 

Really digging the Favorites feature too! That one is great. Nice to have so many common tools in one place. I just wish it could also contain effects. But who knows, maybe at some future point they will make it happen.

Cheers... Rick :)
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So I was finally able to approximate what I wanted by adjusting the size of the thumbnails!

Cheers... Rick :)
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I just chose the order by numerical order.I have no problem picturing a "Portrait" orientation in my head.
Without the thumbnails being stacked vertically.