I want to create an image of a magnifying glass hovering over some text in Camtasia.

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I want to create an image of a magnifying glass hovering over some text in Camtasia. As the magnifying glass moves over the text, I want it to magnify it. Any suggestions?
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Posted 2 years ago

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May not be ideal, but have you looked at Windows X Magnifier?
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This is not mine, but you may find it useful. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_pNQ7TrQjU.

I hope this helps

Patty Deutmeyer
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Walt, I got into this with images. The optics of magnifying is not easy. I can get you to at least a still image of a magnifying lens, I have not yet figured out how to move the lens around, but I don't think its too hard to do in the sense that you would just need to read inside KeyShot how to make an animation of your lens. The main advantage of the techinique I am discussing here is that you have complete control over the shape of your lens and the optical properties of the material that you use for the lens.  I will attempt to write out how I got to the point of magnifying glass effect on an image, but I think its sorta' like trying to tell someone in writing how to tie their shoelaces. One can go to a 3D drawing program and make a hemisphere. Make that a group. Copy it. Put these two hemispheres together to make a lens shaped solid. Import that solid into a rendering program. My 3D drawing program is Sketchup Pro 2018, my rendering program is KeyShot 7. Once you've imported the lens, then use the material options of KeyShot to make the material in this lens shaped solid into glass, then adjust the properties of the glass until it shows the way you want. I made a wall and put some solid text on it, then floated the lens in front of the text, then rendered it. Here's the image. What you do in Camtasia is first create that wall in Sketchup, then put your letters and whatnot on the wall, either as 3D objects or you can project a jpg onto the wall as the texture of the wall, but the wall has to be a 3D object. Import your wall into KeyShot and then go get the KeyShot file that is your lens and import the lens into the scene where you have that wall. Then open Camtasia and make a movie of your moving that lens around in front of the wall. There's a way to get that lens to move around using the animation feature of KeyShot  here's the image 
I tried to "spiff-up" the scene a little so one can see it better. I turned the wall into wood and made the letters red metal and rendered an angle view.