I want to turn off auto save on snagit 3.3.7 on mac. Autosave folder gets WAY too big

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I've been using snag it for 10? years on Windows, and now on the Mac. I've also been using Jing on the Mac. I think the forced autosave feature on the Mac is just AWFUL. I make a capture (it's automatically saved to the clipboard), I paste it into my doc, and then I'm done. 

Except I'm not. On this big retina screen, the autosave project files are 12MB, and they're filling up the autosave folder -- even when I delete every capture from the tray. I accidentally discovered them in the folder. 

It's just an AWFUL user experience:
- store them there, but don't really tell me about it
- certainly don't show them in the tray, where I might see them
- certainly don't delete them when I delete everything in the tray
- if I find out about the "feature", force me to use it by default!
- and don't give me a way to turn it off
- Force me to manually clean up snagit junk to preserve my disk space

Good grief, what bad design.

In contrast, Jing seems more friendly all the time. Let's see:
- click the Jing hotkey
- drag a selection to make a capture
- add a little highlighting maybe
- click the copy button
- go paste in my document
- and I'm done!
- Jing auto-closes
- Jing doesn't fill up a hidden folder

It's very odd that Jing and Snagit are made by the same people.

Please give me Jing-like options for:
- turning off auto save
- auto closing the editor after the capture

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  • frustrated with my 10th version of snagit

Posted 4 years ago

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Man, it gets worse. After writing the post above, I went looking at Jing. Sure enough, Jing does the same autosave-in-some-hidden-place stuff. UGH. 

At least with SnagIt, the SnagIt/autosave folder is visible in my Documents. So at least when manual maintenance is forced on me, I can get to the folder easily.

With Jing - which stored up a couple of hundred of captures in its hidden "History" folder somewhere (I couldn't find it, even searching for a specially named capture file) -- I had to manually click every past capture in order to delete them.

It seems unbelievable to me that such smart programmers at TechSmith can produce such a bad product design and FORCE people to use it.  Forced options. Hidden folders. Imposed manual maintenance. UGH.

Why not give me the options to configure these products to just take the capture, offer me some simple tools like Jing does, a button to pull up a more complex editor, and a button to send the edited result to the clipboard. Autoclose the editor for me (give users an option to enable that behavior.)

If I want to save the capture, I'll click the save button, like in Jing.

Really, would it really hurt you or existing customers to give users some more control over the product behavior?

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There is an adjustment in preference for Retina display. I had to use another screenshot utility to take this amazing that SnagIt want allow screenshots of itself.  I think this will cut size in half.

I have this turned Off because I don't have a retina Display.
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Hi, yes, you are correct. I already had the box checked on my retina Imac. In a simple test, the checkbox reduced the size of a capture from 333 to 222 KB or so, about 1/3 in my memory.

I think the biggest surprise (and frustration) for me is that both Jing and SnagIt on the Mac require me to manually hunt down and delete a "hidden" autosave file for EVERY SCREEN SHOT THAT I TAKE (and don't manually save to a named file).

That's a 1:1 ratio of imposed costs on customers, and I think it's really bad software design.

I thought to myself "Gad, has this been happening to me on Windows too, for all these years?" And so I went and checked and looked around and did some tests. As far as I could tell on Windows, when I deleted a screenshot from the tray, the disk file was also deleted. I could not find any hidden autosave directories on Windows. So either there is no autosave mess on Windows, or they have hidden the directory so well that I couldn't find it.

Thank you for taking the time to post your screenshot and reply. 


Just an update: Now that I know that both SnagIt and Jing save every capture in their histories, I make sure that I take the extra time to go in and manually "undo" (delete) every capture, one by one, to keep my disk free of unwanted SnagIt/Jing junk.

I really think this is bad design, forcing this maintenance on users. There are easy ways to protect us customers:

- give us an autosave option that we can turn off (or better yet, turn on).
- automatically delete old files after some user-configurable period (default 1 week)

Hopefully someone at Techsmith reads these blogs...
Best regards
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I agree fully. Heck, even a clickable menu item to take me there so I don't have to remember where these wasteful files are located -- okay, SnagIt is easy, but still -- would be helpful. 
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I later found out that Windows also stores a pile of old snagit files, way down in the hidden Roaming section, I think (I forget now). But I had to blow them away too.

I will restate this again: It _really_ surprises me that such smart software guys at Techsmith can do something this bad with old files. Astounding, really.
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Any update on this?