I want to "copy" a segment from a frame, and "paste" it as a still.

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I want to basically do a "copy/paste", of a segment of a still frame, over several seconds, as an annotation.

I am aware of the "freeze region" video Fx, but I actually want to paste it in a different location, not in the same location. Even if that weren't the issue, I want to put it down about 1 second later (as a "Did you miss this?" note).

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Posted 6 years ago

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Hi keybounce,

I believe (hope) what you're asking for is already there!  In File menu, we have 'Save frame as...' which will take whatever is in the current canvas view (place the playhead over the frame you want to copy), and save it as an image (you can pick the filetype).  You could then import that image, and use it where/however you like :)

Please let me know if you have other questions.


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If I understand your question correctly, you can accomplish this using extend frame and cropping.

  1.  Make a copy of the video from which want a segment
  2.  Trim the video so that it ends on the frame you want.
  3.  Extend the frame.
  4.  Unstitch so you have the extended frame as a separate media on your timeline
  5.  Delete the copy of the video, leaving just the extended frame.
  6.  Crop the extended frame to just show the part you want
  7.  Position it where and when you want it relative to the original video

Here is a quick (and silent) video demonstrating the process:

The video has a few mistakes in it, but hopefully it and the written instruction makes sense.

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I'm trying to imagine a scenario to help me think what I'd do.  I'm therefore thinking about a video showing a form being filled in, maybe in a wizard next > next > next.  Then you want to call out something you see/don't see on a later screen because of a previous selection - say back on screen one.

In this scenario I would probably use a screenshot (.jpg or .png) of the original screen and add it to another track above the main clip at the point I wanted to reference it (add a cool transition or tilt to bring it in).  Point is: I'd likely use an extra piece of media.

If you need more time in the main clip to bring in the screenshot/flashback/callout you can split the main clip at the playhead, drag the second portion out to the right (to create a gap).  Then put the playhead at the beginning of the second clip, select (highlight/click) the first clip and choose 'Edit' | 'Playhead' | 'Extend Frame to Playhead' and the gap is filled in with the frozen image from the main clip.  Of course if your new screenshot (on the track above) spans the time gap and covers the entire canvas you don't need to split and extend the main clip.

Sorry if I've got your problem totally wrong! :o)

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