Idea: Making Freeze Region, Zoom, etc. "effects tracks" the way Blur and Highlight are

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I often run into cases where I need to do a Freeze Region over a couple of tracks or across clip boundaries, but because Freeze Region is tied to a clip, doing these things takes some tedious workarounds at times.

This got to me thinking about how the Blur and Highlight annotations are on a separate track that blur or highlight everything on lower tracks.

Why not use that same model for all visual effects?

For instance, why couldn't I drag a Freeze Region "annotation" onto a track and have it freeze all tracks below it?

And right now, I can't freeze two separate regions simultaneously (that I'm aware of), but with two Freeze Region tracks, that would be trivial.

Then I got to thinking, Why not Zoom and the other effects that are currently trapped on their one clip?

If you were to generalize the concept you've already developed for Blur and Highlight to apply to other visual effects, you could make Camtasia editing simpler and more streamlined, and I imagine that it would make Mac and Windows compatibility easier.

For instance, with Zoom, when I have to overlay an image to hide something on a lower track or to update a visual that has changed, I now have to zoom all the clips separately when grouping the various clips together doesn't make sense.

But if Zoom were an effects track, I would just zoom on the effects track and everything below would zoom together... That would allow me to edit my full project at one consistent zoom level—I'd just turn off the track with my Zooms effects while editing, then turn the zoom track back on for the render.

Anyway, you've already got this effects track idea establish in Camtasia with the Blur (and highlight) effect tools. Why not take it further?

Thanks for such a great product!
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