Ideal setup for Logitech c922 Pro Stream + RØDE NT-USB microphone

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Hi all! I'm using Camtasia 2018 with c922 and NT-USB to create educational videos both with and without screen recordings. Most often I need myself in video in a corner, but sometimes a full-screen video (without screen recording, typically when introducting an online course). 

When recording videos, the quality is always quite poor. I get much better result when recording using a separate program (like logi from Logitech). If only using Camtasia I get the recording of myself in a small square in the bottom right corner, but the quality gets horrible when trying to make it bigger. Also, when exporting a video, the default choice is 128 kbps on "Encode audio". 

  1. What is the ideal setup in Camtasia for the equipment I use, and what I'm trying to achieve (creating online courses)?
  2. Do you have any recommendations on how to solve the issue with low quality videos? E.g. should I always record these full-size videos in a separate program, and import to Camtasia? Issue here is that I don't always know that I won't need the screen recording...
  3. Is it possible, in an easy way, to get a rounded video of myself (instead of the default square type? Tried some of the tips given here earlier, but struggling to get a good result... 
Appreciate any help. I've searched and searched and watched lots of videos trying to figure this out, but it's getting really time-consuming... 
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Posted 2 months ago

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Well, logi capture doesn’t seem to play well with Camtasia 2019.
It’s impossible to sum this up in a nutshell but I will try to be brief.

I uninstalled Logitech capture to give logi capture a whirl. I'm running a C 920 myself. The original Logitech capture program doesn't support streaming. Once logi capture was up and running. I adjusted the white balance to taste and some other settings.
I was also working with 720 P settings as Camtasia will only capture video at 30 frames per second when recording to 720 P or less.
If you set Camtasia to capture at 1920 by 1080 it will be recorded at five FPS. Which judder so badly I consider it unusable.
So here I am in logi capture. My settings are working for me and everything's looking pretty good. Normally, all of the settings should carry over into Camtasia. I use the pan settings to position myself to one side. The WebCam was set to 1920 by 1080 and Logitech software. I had to zoom in slightly to pan the camera to one side.
At this point I'm thinking I'm liking the new logi capture quite a bit.

 Unfortunately, I discovered that most of my settings seemed retained, Yet this was not the case. To top it off, the Camtasia recorder wouldn't  allow me to access frame rates of 30 FPS at 1280 by 720. It's locked into 640 by 360 streaming for some reason. There is no access to a menu to change test video was recorded at 640 by 360 by Camtasia. Needless to say, Scaling up a 640 X 360 video yields some pretty poor results.

 I was disappointed by the new software and uninstalled it.
Below is an image of reinstalled Logitech capture in action. As previously, I applied the desired settings. Saved The settings and close the program.

Both capture programs need to be closed before you can launch the Camtasia's WebCam recorder. Under tools in the recorders tool bar, you can access the WebCam's properties. Here I am accessing the WebCam. As you can see I have the ability to select 1280 by 720 resolution. A 1280 by 720 video scaled up to full HD/1920 by 1080 project. Will have some softened edges but still look pretty darn good. Which is the best option if you want Camtasia to record your WebCam. Giving you more flexibility.

You cannot download the original Logitech capture from Logitech any longer. It was last updated late spring of last year. If you would like to give that program a try. I uploaded the installer to MediaFire.

Aside from running the older program. I don't have a better solution to offer you. To be fair, I don't capture my WebCam on a regular basis. So my insight into this matter does not run that deep.

I hope this proves beneficial to you.
Regards, Joe
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Hi Joe, thanks so much for taking the time to test this out and share your experience, I really appreciate it! I've spent some time now, a few times, to try the same. Unfortunately, I end up with errors. The old Logitech program doesn't work properly (first couldn't detect camera, then it complains about drivers - and I cannot find the Logitech drivers on their (confusing) website). Camtasia wouldn't accept Logi, and now all I get is "Unknown error". Think I give up on recording with Camtasia. Thanks anyway!
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Fixed the Unknown error and now I'm able to select the 1280x720 setting, however, the frame rate is so low that the video is lagging. Can't see how I can increase the output and keep an acceptable frame rate.
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Using Camtasia or the older Logitech software?
With Camtasia...........
You should be able to select up to 30fps using 1280 x 720.

Resolutions of 1920 x 1080 or higher are restricted to 5 fps or less.

As for the Logitech, I learned something new today.
High exposure  settings will reduce frame rates.

The Logitech has a "Right Light" automatic exposure setting.

I don't record my webcam often.
I have a lot of natural light flooding into my room. Its bright enough to eliminate the need for high exposure settings.
If I record after dark, I have studio quality lighting for that.
I've never had to tamper with Right Light settings to obtain 30fps. 

To make a long story short.
The Right Light setting needs to be below a certain level to obtain 30fps.
I found a long winded video on You Tube covering this subject.

Bottom Line,
If you don't have adequate lighting.
You can turn off the RightLight & Auto "Gain" settings by unchecking the boxes.
You won't be able to adjust exposure until you disable gain as well.

Reducing the Exposure to a minimum setting of.......See Image........There are no "Numerical values", you'll have to eyeball the positioning.

So. It may be less then Ideal {:>(
But there is a way to get there.

The red line in my image drawn through the Exposure slider, cannot be exceeded if you want 30fps. "In my brief testing anyway" 

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Hi Joe, thanks! That explained it - the "Right Light". Also experimenting with OBS now, Audacity ++, but I just can't seem to get video + audio as good as I expect.