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Camtasia 8 is without any doubt an amazing software to create videotutorials, but it is far from perfect. A new version is highly expected by the community, I have talked to many people, and these are just some ideas for the new version. Of course, I am creating this thread also to allow people post ideas for the new incoming version.

1) Spanish version is compulsory. Spanish market is Spain and South America, it represent a huge market, not having a Camtasia in Spanish is almost a "crime". Sorry for the remark.

2) 64 bits support. Camtasia 8 is not able to capture from games running in 64 bits, and get only a black screen. That happen because when a game is running at full screen, and that game is in 64 bits, Camtasia is not able to record properly the game. 64 bits support is absolutely necessary.

3) Crash Report Feedback. Stability. It need to be more stable, there are many complains about stability. I never had problems with stability, but I know many users have those problems. Techsmith sould contact those users, create a close group, and find why Camtasia Crash. Everytime Camtasia crash, should report the cause of the crash to Techsmit.
Please, let's gather all much possible data, without scaring the users, even if they are not legal users. Let's imagine someone downloaded and installed Camtasia. Okay. That's not okay, but if that user is using Camtasia and it crash, the method to send the feedback indicating the cause of the crash should be easy and without complications, without warnings or actions against that user. I think that, even if that behaviour is clearly not okay, Techsmit is also getting important information to make the product be more stable in next versions. I don't want to disturb anyone, but many Windows are running "out of the record" and many of them are sending feedbacks to Microsoft. Thanks to that, Windows is every time more safe and stable.

4) More fun!. Add more transitions, more captions and also video effects. Yes it is boring. Always the same transitions, always the same captions. You should move to the open source movement, regarding creating captions and transitions. Allow people can create their own transitions and captions, and offer it for free to the community. Camtasia would be the most fun product in the industry. You should have in mind Photodex and Proshow, they have an amazing quantity of transitions and effects. Camtasia need that.

5) Videomonitoring tools. What happen if you want to add a chronometer to your video? You cannot. You should add videomonitoring tools in which you can add chronometers, or other cool things to your video to monitorize it.

6) Plugins compatibility for audio video editing. Yes, you have amazing people out there creating incredible plugins for VEGAS and Premiere. Why don't you allow Camtasia be compatible with thouse plugins? If I want to get the quality I get with Magic Bullets for VEGAS or Premiere, in Camtasia I cannot because thouse audio video editing plugins don't work for Camtasia. It would be amazing if you add compatibility for plugins of third vendors.

7) Better import/export. Camtasia should be able to import and export projects from other software as Premiere, VEGAS and Pinnacle.
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Posted 6 years ago

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Hey Jesus,

Thanks for the feedback! I'll make sure this is passed along to the team.
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Agree 100%. Rationally written and to the point. I know that you Dave O'Rourke says you're definitely not seeing crashes with Camtasia ( but all you have to do is Google "Camtasia Crash" and sort by most recent. It's not an unusual complaint. Everyone here WANTS Camtasia to succeed but not realizing that crashes are very common makes us feel a bit disheartened. Why would you fix something you can't reproduce. You can't. However, I like Jesús's suggestion. Allow us to opt in to betas that send crash reports automatically so you can see how frequent it is. When it crashes for me, my feeling is, "Oh man, I don't really want to go through the back and forth - it's so time-consuming." But I'd love to participate in any way possible to track down the bugs. 

BTW, I have a lot of *.dmp files I can sell you for next to nothing ;-)
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Something that I would like to see implemented is an audio preview before you actually commit it to your project just like the video preview.  When you capture a screen, you get to view it to see if you like it.  If you do, you click save and edit.  If you don't you can just delete it.  I would like to see that for audio as well.

Just some thing to think about.

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