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Snagit Editor. Image, Rotate, Custom Angle.
You have an slider and also a box to adjust the angle. Please consider also adding
an up-arrow and a down-arrow to the right of the box so I can quickly change
the angle by just one degree and immediately see the result.  I mocked up the little triangles to show you what I mean.  I would rather have the triangles than the slider, which is too coarse for most work.
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Posted 10 months ago

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Rick Stone

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Odd, in many of these dialogs, once focus is on the value and it is selected (highlighted) one is able to press the up or down arrow keys to nudge the value. But sadly, this one seems to ignore that little nicety.

So in addition to the request for the spin controls, I think we also need to see this adjusted to allow for that up/down arrow behavior too!

Cheers... Rick :)
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I would like to see presets too for 90 180 and 270
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Rick Grunwald

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Good idea Ben. IIt would be nice if the up and donn arrow keys would increment/decrement the values in the bod
+1 here
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Yes, this. I was coming in to suggest this. the arrow increment options was available in Snagit 11 so why take them out in subsequent versions? How does it benefit users to remove them?
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Just so I understand: are we customers all just talking to ourselves here? Do Snagit support people ever come in to help?
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Rick Stone

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Hi there

Indeed we do see official TechSmith folks pop in here on a pretty regular basis to offer bits of advice!

Once in a while, even the CEO herself pops in. So you never know who may be visiting on any given day.

Cheers... Rick :)
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Like Rick said they pop in here and use it to gather ideas, feature requests and bugs but it is primarily useful as  a user to user forum where you can get a quick answer or some help with usability
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Arrow key adjustments are great for fine adjustment.They should be available for all tools that adjust by numerical values.
Or they should be scrub-able. Like Adobe and many other programs.
You just place the cursor over the numbers. The cursor turns into a double arrow.Then you scrub left or right to change the values.
They can change in fractional degrees.
 If you hold the Ctrl. Key. The numbers change very slowly for Precision. Hold Shift, they change extremely fast.

The best way to rotate an image precisely?  Abandon the Rotation tool altogether.

I've posted with regards to this in the past.
1 degree of rotation is a lot.

The odds that any "Whole Number/X" degree of rotation applied. Will ever level or straighten an image correctly. Is LOW.

Create a new image, a lot taller than the original and a little wider. My example is a lot wider.What can I say it's an example.
Copy and paste the image to be rotated into the new image. "Transparent Image"

Use the move tool."Cursor" to grab the rotation handle and rotate it that way. Once you grab that handle and click, move the cursor all the way to the top of the canvas.
It will still have a grip on that handle as long as you keep that mouse button down.
 Rotational control is superior the further away you are from the image.That applies to callouts, shapes,you name it. A think a lot of people don't know that.

In the example below I could have rotated the image less. But if I had it would hard to tell I rotated it all.