Image rotation - rotate by fraction of an angle

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Somtimes rotationg an image by a degree is too much or too little. Rotating by a fraction of a degree will be great.
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Posted 3 years ago

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Having a controlled rotation option would be a nice feature.  Along with controlled rotation would be an ability to "Straighten" or force a line in the image to be "Square" to a viewpoint.  

This added feature uses some of the same math needed for controlled rotation, but it is faster to use with images that were captured with a camera that was off level by a lot, or not positioned well in a scanner.
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Maybe they could have it so when you hold down the Ctrl key
it rotates by 1/2 degree or 1/4 degree like similar behavior
of some other programs with spin-buttons.
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Hi and thanks for submitting your idea/feature request!

As outlined in our New Community Processes post, feature requests are open to voting up through the 1st of the month, where we will then tally the votes and present the findings to our product teams. To ensure we have the most accurate data, on the 1st of the month we will be locking the threads that were listed in the Feature Request Round-up that was posted on the 15th. Once we have reviewed the submitted feature requests, our product team(s) may respond to the request, and if that is the case then that thread will then be unlocked for further discussion.

In the event that your idea is not selected for a response feel free to resubmit the idea and share it with your colleagues to garner as much exposure as possible!

Thank you again for your idea and we look forward to hearing more from you!

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I just had a couple questions in order for us to get a better idea for how you'd be using this. Is it mostly for straightening real world photos? Or of real world content? Or is there something we could be doing to help fix rotation of a screenshot in some way?
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I use rotation for real world photos of old photographs, documents, labels, stamps...
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I am also having problems when rotating images within Camtasia for MAC.  I've tried resizing these images in Photoshop and Illustrator and still have the issue.  
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Wow Dimiter Simov,

I don't use SnagIt to straighten my Images "Rotate" and I'm glad I don't. I took a look at rotate this morning. I must be completely honest here, I still cannot figure out what they were thinking when they created this feature.
The odds that you can correctly rotate and orientate ANY Straight Line or Image from Left  to Right / Vertically using Degrees. Must be incredibly low.

 I rotated this image by ONE Degree.

So yeah, let's forget about using that tool for much of anything for now.

I have a love hate relationship with workarounds. There is one for this situation.

Create a new image the same size as the one you are want to straighten out "Rotate". Have the canvas color set to Transparent.
Copy and paste the image you need to rotate over it. Use the rotational handle to rotate it.You can make small adjustments easily that way.
See Image Below,Click to Enlarge