In Snagit, how do you do a multiple file save?

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Hello there,
I installed the SnagIt trial version and try to use it for multiple screenshot saves. In other words, I would like to take several screenshots and once they are in the editor I would like to save all of them at once in multiple files. Whereas we expect the GUI to easilly allow us such a simple and obvious task (right clic + save as... for instance), it appears this is not straightforward at all :S

I them try to follow the steps described in the help but couldn't go until the end because some "actions" described in the steps just not occur as they are described in the help page (entitled "Capture and Save Multiple Page Documents as Individual Image Files").

So please try to do these steps by yourself and arrange the description so that is is doable, and think about putting an easy access to multiple files save...

Thank you very much
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Posted 8 years ago

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Official Response
You can do this in the Snagit Editor by selecting the images you'd like to save, and then use the "Convert Images" option, which is found just underneath the Save As menu.

I made a short Jing to illustrate how to do this: (1:07)

Hope this helps.
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Thanks for providing this explanation for how to save multiple files using SnagIt for Windows. But how do you do it in Mac OS X? For starters, I can't see how to select multiple files at once: I asked this question back in 2012 I believe and still haven't seen an answer.
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Hi Jeffery,

If you haven't already seen, we've added Batch Export to Snagit on Mac as of version 3.2. This thread has more details.

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Hi Dro,

thank you for your answer and this tip. I'll try it asap.
Because all the snapshots I took were opened in the editor, I would have liked this function to save all at once to be more intuitive and straightforward., as most of the other features are.
Hope you will think about it ;)

Best regards,

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Thanks for the feedback. I will pass it on to the Snagit team.
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Hi Werwack,

From the sound of your initial posting, it seems that the process outlined in the "Capture and Save Multiple Page Documents as Individual Image Files" help topic was not the one you needed. Perhaps this is why it didn't work for you. However, we would be very interested in knowing what the issue was... and at what number in the list did things begin to go wrong.

In addition to the method DRO gave you, you can also select all of your captures in the Library view and choose Batch Conversion Wizard. It might be a little faster for you to choose from the right-click menu.

Thanks for using Snagit!
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After capturing a dozen screenshots I'd like an easy and intuitive way to select and save those images in one operation, ideally with the option of renaming each image and perhaps saving to a unified document such as a PPT or PDF file.
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I also, After capturing a dozen screenshots I'd like an easy and intuitive way to select and save those images in one operation...

I highlight them all at the bottom, then right clicked, and there was no "save".

I tried "file -> save as" and only one was saved.

I dragged to the folder structure on right, and it moved a load of snag files.

Then I had to search google to find this post.. so i would say it is not intuitive.

renaming each file and unified document i can see is quite complex, however right click and "save" should be a common requirement.
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Yes, this is confusing. Here is how I did it on a Windows 7 Machine. You have to find the Datastore. For me it is on the C drive C:\Users\Jeff\AppData\Local\TechSmith\Snagit\DataStore

Open the Batch Conversion Wizard

In Snagit Editor, select File menu > Convert Images.
In the Library, right-click on a thumbnail and select Batch Conversion Wizard.
In Snagit, select Tools > Convert Images.

The Batch Conversion Wizard appears. Follow the instructions on each page.
Select the Image Files to Convert

This is were you go to the Datastore. The images .SNAG. I had 44 images to convert. I organized the files by Date Modified which made it is to select per below.

Click the Add Files button to select the desired images. CTRL+click to select multiple images.
Click the Next button.

It was easy then.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled
can you batch save multiple images from the Snagit Editor in one hit?.

I'd like to be able to select multiple images in the snagit capture library and then choose to save them all to JPG (or any other format). They could use an sequential number in the filename, or the date/time captured - it'd just be nice to be able to save a whole bunch of captures off to a folder in one hit.

Is this possible? If not, could it be considered for a future release?

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled
Can you Save Multiple Images in Snagit Editor?.

As a first time user, it seems strange to me that I need to use a separate interface for saving multiple images from the Editor. When I have multiple images selected and I hit "File, Save", I expect the app to save all the images I have selected.
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Official Response
There is a way to do this in Snagit for Windows using the Convert Images option (see Dave's video above)...but I'm going to change this to a feature request to reflect the sentiment that folks would like an easier way to do this.
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I suggest adding bulk save even if it just calls the converter. This would cheap to do as it just a menu pick. 
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The feature as most of us need it is already there - but I had to look here to work out what it was called. (I didn't need the video.) You could simply rename the menu option to "Save/Convert Multiple Images" - and also perhaps make it available in the context menu. Easy!
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled
Output multiple images to single document or even multiple slides.

Currently we have to select the images one at a time to output them into a powerpoint file. can the capability to output multiple images to a document or even to output multiple images to multiple slides? otherwise, there is no need for the feature and it is the same as copying and pasting the images one by one --> Keyboard shortcuts work even faster
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Hi Amanda,
We have a thread already that discusses this exact issue, so I've merged this into it.  There are several suggestions including responses from the development team.  I hope this helps!
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled
Multiple Save/Copy Actions on Open Files in Thumbnail Window.

the thumbnail window, I would like to be able to highlight more than one thumbnail and perform an operation on all of the highlighted ones at one time. My
particular need is to highlight and save a group of open thumbnails (actually
the underlying files) which could be from a variety of folders to a specific
folder as a specific file type (png, snagit, jpeg, etc.).
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Has there been any improvement / progress on being able to save multiple images.  It is pretty common to be able to select multiple images (could be in the library or in the film strip), right click, and then "save as" to save all the images into a folder.

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