Improve callouts - less text padding and multiple pointers

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There is too much wasted space in text callouts.  The callouts really just need to be slightly bigger than the text they are enclosing - but Snaggit puts so much "padding" around the text even when padding is set to 0.  I'm not able to position the callouts close together when I need to.  The callout without pointers (when padding set to 0) is very trim.  Why can't the callouts pointers be as trim?  The amount of wasted space also seems to increase when multiple lines exist - beyond simply the effect that lines of text can't be the same length.  Also, I wish there was an option to align to shape to make even more efficient use of space.  The text box remains a rectangle when the callout is an oval.

Also, allow for multiple pointers from a single callout.  Right now, I have to stack multiple callouts to achieve the same effect.

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Posted 8 months ago

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Great idea.  These issues have been raised numerous times in separate posts over the years.  Nice to have them all brought together in one idea.  +1000 from me!

Byt the way, re multiple tails, one workaround I have found, that avoids stacking callouts is to collapse the base of the tail so the pointer becomes a straight line, then use the line tool to add as many tails as I want.

It's a heck of a lot easier than stacking callouts.
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I'm pretty sure that I've voted for a similar request before. Why TechSmith is insisting on such impractical and pre-school design callouts is a mystery.
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Same here.  I'm pretty sure that I also suggested at one point that a callout like this would be welcome too, to overcome the Disney effect.

Given the combined effects of excessive padding, lack of control over corner radiuses, and Disneyesque designs, I only ever use 3 out of the 23 variants.  That's 13%.  Or to put it more bluntly 87% of the designs are useless.

And every time I use a tail, I collapse the base to reduce it to a straight.  It gets SO tedious.  There's no point in saving a collapsed one as a favourite either because as soon as you resize or move the tip, it's likely to revert to Disney. The workaround to that is to not use a tailed-callout at all, but a regular boxed version and separate lines

Given that SnagIt's core proposition is to enable screenshots to be annotated for technical writers, you have to wonder how clouds, think bubbles and kerboom styles even feature?  I mean we have four cloud styles!  FOUR!!  

The non-rectangular shapes are difficult to fit text into.  Have you ever tried adding text to a kerboom?  Try it.  It's a hoot. :)