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Improvements do not always mean the product is any better.  I hear dozens of people every week complain about Snagit, while there seem to be fewer compliments.  I DO NOT understand why, when the software guys are making design changes, that they feel the need to take away features which most of us have gotten accustomed to.  Take the BLUR function.  We used to be able to select a shape, now (as far as I can determine), we only have a square or rectangular option.  The round/oval option was perfect for fuzzing out peoples faces in photographs, but for some reason, ya'll decided to do away with it. WHY???  The black background, who thought that was a good idea, it's not as great as ya'll think.  I have the same complaint where I work, where we are bombarded with software programs that our IT people think are the best, when in truth, they just plain suck, like Concur for travel expenses.  It took me (literally) a week to do my very first expense report, when I could have done a paper expense report in an hour!  Please guys, when you release an updated version, please make sure it really has been improved!  BTW, I use Snagit dozens of times a day both at home for my two websites, and at work, and it is one of the coolest programs ever, but ya'll are morphing it into something not as cool.
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Posted 4 years ago

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Robert, hopefully you are aware that you can change the color scheme of SnagIt. I too hated the black background as it quite literally induced headaches for me. Sounds silly, but it happened. Fortunately, after they initially released version 12 they released an update that allowed us to change it.

I do agree with you that it's frustrating when features are removed. But I personally remain philosophical about it and try to understand on their side they totally believe there was a good reason they did. Doesn't mean I like it or agree with it. ;)

Cheers... Rick :)
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I have always been impressed with Snagit. The challenge of capturing a screen image is not so easily done. While your points are understandable, I tend to dwell on the positive accomplishments of some damn good programmers. The bottom line is that Snagit has been a major instrument in my research in mathematics.
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I hear you. The blur thing is not an improvement, just a change. I have Snagit 9 on one computer and Snagit 12 on another and you're correct, S9 lets you blur differently shaped selected areas, S12 doesn't. If I had to make an educated guess, this was an oversight and/or stuff-up rather than a deliberate design decision, because it makes no sense otherwise. Any TechSmithians who are reading this may care to enlighten us as to whether that was the case.

That said, you can still kinda-sorta work around this by selecting any of the non-square shapes using the Selection tool and the Styles group of the Tools menu, then on the Image menu select one of the Filters (from the drop down at the far right of the ribbon) like Add Noise. (It's ugly, but it works.) Or alternatively you could use Opacity, though that really just leaves a hole in the picture.

The other workaround (and yes, it's fiddly compared to the old way) is to make a duplicate of the file, blur a square area in the image copy, flatten the layers, then use the selection tool to copy an oval area from the blurred block, and paste that over the original. No, it's not pretty. No, neither of these are really acceptable. As you said, not all blurring can be rectangular.

The best hope is that with a future iteration TechSmith adds a blur filter to the list of Filters on the Image menu. That would essentially restore the pre-version 12 functionality.

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