Improving Camtasia 9's Dark Disfunctional UI. It's far worse than Adobe's. A comparison.

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Adobe's UI's are nothing like TechSmith UI's.

I got tired of seeing Dark themed TechSmith UI's being compared with Adobe's.I've read a lot of posts that suggest it's monkey see, monkey do. TechSmith, the monkey following Adobe.But their not following Adobes lead at all.

With Adobe, you can set the UI to extremely Dark "Black". To dark for my taste at times but there is still a lot of color, the media on the timeline,the various editing windows,etc..Lettering is "White" not "Light Gray" like Camtasia. There's  "Blue" timeline position and effects values. Even at the darkest setting, Adobes UI has plenty of color, contrast and readability.
See Image Below,Click to Enlarge

There's a science behind dark interfaces.Brightly colored UI's interfere with your ability to discern color and contrast correctly.If you look at the first 2 UI images I've shown. When you look at the image of the house. You eyes will think that the image shown below is brighter or lower in contrast than the image above.They are in fact,identical.
However, Adobe still let's you brighten the UI.It a variable adjustment from as black as shown above to as light as shown below.Just realize that dark UI's are better for a reason.
With Adobe,you can also customize and arrange any and all panels. They can be placed  anywhere you wish.You can combine panels "Compound Panels" if you
will. You save the custom layouts you create.You can have one for
creating titles, special effects, your favorite editing layout.One click will switch between each workspace.

All Panels can switch into full screen mode.You simply highlight the panel and hit the "Tilda Key"
The media bin is shown switched to full screen below.

Plus, the media bin let's you enlarge the size of the Thumbnails.Now that's visibility.
You can even hover your cursor over the videos. You scrub through them and preview them right there.You can even mark in and out points. Just hit the "I and O"keys.

 Here's what TechSmith's done to SnagIt. Everyone requested a UI with better visibility going back to SnagIt 12.Well, actually this is an improvement over what they did to SnagIt 12 initially but It's still to bright for me.
Through the magic of Photoshop I bring you Camtasia 9 with a SnagIt color Theme.
 I hope this will never happen to Camtasia.

In closing, everyone should feel free to compare Adobe's UI to TechSmith's.

TechSmiths UI needs some improvements.

 Adobe"s UI is a fine example of what a User Friendly and Highly Functional UI is all about. 

 I'm not beating up on TechSmith here. My intention is simply to point out how much Camtasia 9's UI lacks and what it could be with some forethought and work.

I posted "most" of this Idea as a response to another thread earlier today. My thoughts were immediately buried under another response. So I posted this as an Idea for others to see.

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  • Just pleased to share my thoughts

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If one could adjust sections of the interface. I can't read some of corel's menus but light with moderately dark letters OR the black with white letters might also work. SOme have medium dark lettering on black and I almost can't read it. If someone tuned up the skins into 4 or 5 flavors at least one might work for lower vision people
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Count me in for being in favor of having choices.
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Choices!!! YES!!!!

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