Improving usability and efficiency of narration feature (a lot)

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When narrating a previously recorded screencast, if you're like me (not that great a speaker), more often than not you won't use the audio you've just recorded, i.e. you will cancel.

In the current version, you have to confirm the cancellation TWICE (Save Narration as.../Are you sure you want to delete...?). First of all, this is unnecessary. If I canceled the save at that point, I obviously didn't want it so it shouldn't ask me to confirm deleting anything. Secondly, after I managed all the cancels, the cursor will just keep where it's currently at, forcing me to re-set it to the position where I started narrating. Why? This is the LEAST LOGICAL position of the cursor after a cancelled narration recording. Thirdly, I SO WISH for a "Discard" button in addition to the "Stop" button while recording that does nothing else than stop recording, discard it and reset the cursor to where I started.

And lastly, it's cumbersome enough that you force users to save the recordings as individual files, could you at least preset/suggest the name to the last one with incrementing indexes (audio_1, audio_2 etc.)? You can make that an option or only apply it if the previous saved name had a number at the end. For people not interested in the actual filenames, an "autosave" option would be very nice, too.

Anything to reduce the endless clicking during narrations done in sections, please!
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Posted 8 years ago

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I love when feedback like this comes in on Get Satisfaction. Thank you for all the detail and context. I think a lot of people would just plod through this and be annoyed, but not annoyed enough to take the time and effort to express their feedback.

These "little things" really add up to make a big difference in both saving time and alleviating frustration.

I hope we can streamline this workflow.
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Thank you for your response! In my company it's part of my job to review our own software so I am used to comment in such detail. Kind of a professional nit-picker... ;-)

Seriously though, Camtasia Studio is a great software with well-designed features but this part of it I thought didn't hold up to the same standard as the other features that I tried when doing a larger project with it.
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You might try using the free Audacity voice recording software; I use it all the time now to voice over my screencasts. It has many many useful features, like pause, resume; edit before save, etc.

It makes wav files that seem to work great on the CS timeline.

If Audacity also had a plug in that sent a new save into the CS clip bin [or even better, to the timeline at play head], well, that would be a home run.
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Everytime i record a piece of narration a popup opens asking me to save the wave file. In a typical 10-minute video I do like 150 (re)recordings, which would result in 150 wave-files cluttering up my disc, not to speak of the 150 dialogs I have to click away.I'm obviously doing something wrong here, so how do you efficiently record your narration with Camtasia Studio 7?

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How can I efficiently record voice narration with Camtasia Studio 7?.
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If you want an example on how you can do this nicely, have a look at iMovie. They do pretty much what the OP is suggesting.
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Official Response
Hello all,

I’m sorry you were having problems with some of the workflow for Voice Narration. We just released Camtasia Studio 8, and made some changes that you might be interested in.

We wanted to simplify the options and introduce an interface that was more flexible with the new multi-track editing. Unfortunately, the Confirm to delete dialog makes a return which is hard to appreciate until you accidentally throw away that long recording one time. I agree it can be annoying though. We did make a couple improvements (less clicks!). When you initially enter the Voice Narration tab and while you’re recording your narration, the Start/Stop button should have focus, allowing you to use [Spacebar] to also start and stop easily. Also, when you stop recording and either save or delete the result, your playhead should now return to the position you initially started recording from to allow you to easily preview your recording or start over.

Here’s a quick video I made showing a bit of the new Voice Narration tab and workflow:

You can learn more about what's new in Camtasia Studio 8 here:

You can try the fully functional trial for 30 days without having to uninstall your previous version of Camtasia Studio.

As always, thanks for posting, and we hope you will continue to share your feedback, ideas, and questions especially on how we can continue improving the Voice Narration workflow with the new Camtasia Studio 8 options. We’re sorry we couldn’t address all your issues at this time.

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Suggestion: allow me to turn off the "Are you sure?" dialog when I cancel saving a narration.

I generally have to try recording a narration a few times before I get it right. Each time I start over I have to click Stop Recording, click cancel on the Save dialog, and the click yes to the "Are you sure?" dialog.

Even better would be a "Restart narration" button that cancels and optionally restarts the narration from the original start position after a few seconds delay.

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Want Restart Narration button (too many clicks otherwise).

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