Include Spell Check in Camtasia Studio Caption function

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Is it possible to have spellchecker in the Camtasia Studio Caption function?

Sometimes, caption is added manually and it would be great to do a spell check when this is done. Currently, I have to copy the entire caption to WORD, check it and make the adjustments back in Camtasia Studio
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Posted 9 years ago

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James Hargrave

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It would be great if this also included spell checking in call outs.
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There are about 5 threads asking for this enhancement dating back to 3 years ago. This seams like it would be a simple fix.

Please add spell check! 
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Mary Vivit

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Dredging this one back up to get more love. ;) Being able to spell-check the captions is a good thing.
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kayakman, Champion

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long overdue; same for spell check for markers, quizzes, and callout text
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Yes. I too would like a spell check in captions, please?
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Fred Grover, Champion

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I too feel this is a long overdue request and I would personally like to see these things added in the next upgrade or version. I agree with kayakman on having it added to all of the listed content.
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Kelly Mullins, TechSmith Employee & Helper

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I will bring this to the attention of the team who looks at getting such things on a backlog of work to do.

I most likely will not have any information to share on if this will be in an upcoming release or not, but be assured we will be talking about this for a future release.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

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James Hargrave

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My original request (above) was from three years ago, and it's still something I would love to see. Ie. it's not just a passing "fad". :)
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Any chance we can get a spell check in the captions and callouts?  thx from a paying customer and long long long time user.  But spell check is about time folks.  thx thx!!  
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Spell check please oh and a bigger editing window - With all due respect, Camtasia is fun and easy to use, but frankly it has a load of annoyances too.

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Joe Morgan

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What I find amazing about this tiny little window? It's about as dysfunctional as it gets. I suppose it could be worse. Maybe if the software developers had to use this feature, they would actually find a reason to change it.

It's not even the Tiny Window that bugs me that much. 
This is the only program I've seen that will not let you edit text directly on top of your  video or image.

Regards, Joe

I'd settle for typing directly on the canvas.  The type could use some enhancements as well. I don't expect Camtasia to create a professional title editor. But at least let me see the text I'm trying to select.

Regards, Joe

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Hi Joe - agree completely - I have Adobe Premiere CC, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Elements - powerful well designed editing tools, but rather expensive (except for Elements) and defenitley not as easy to use as Camtasia.   I am not sure what is happening at TechSmith. "This" is not a new feature - this is a usability issue, which should have been corrected years ago. Here is another, what about the audio leveling? I can't even type in a number % to make my audio tracks the same volume - I need to zoom in to the wave form so I get pixel perfect accuracy on the % number. @TechSmith developers - please use the product and assemble a video, you will see what I am talking about.  Look - you have a dedicated group of people here, who are supporting you and want to see some improvements, I suggest you update your community and let us know what is being planned. A roadmap post or something would be nice.
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Nana Ameah Sechim

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Guys, you can use an application called spell check everywhere which integrates into camtasia and helps you automatically spell check your texts. Check this video review on YouTube

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