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With Camtasia 9, I get an inconsistent output file size between two different computers (rendering the same project).  An example:
PC at home with Camtasia 9, builds an .MP4 ±108MB
PC at work with Camtasia  9, builds an .MP4 ±495MB
  • Render settings are identical on the two machines.
  • Files are being written to directories on each local machine.
  • PC at home is eight-core AMD (reasonable fast)
  • PC at for is quad-core Intel (reasonably slow (and older))
The reason I am finally writing, is that I just tried to render a new video which was less than 100MB on the home machine, and 945MB on the work machine!

I need to know if the speed of the processor and machine are somehow causing this to happen, or there is some other bug in your software.

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Fred McGregor

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Posted 3 years ago

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Dave O'Rourke, Senior Software Engineer

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Hi Fred,

No, the speed of the processor and machine are unlikely to cause any difference in render size.  It's more likely that the render settings are somehow different.  Can you post screenshots of your render settings?

Also, you could use MediaInfo to view the detailed properties of the 2 files, and compare them.  Sometimes this helps identify where the extra size is coming from.  Screenshots might be helpful here too.
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It's not necessarily between two machines either. I was doing some extract clips out of a single production tonight. Two of the extracts were done only minutes apart using exactly the same commands so I know that nothing was done differently.

Extract #3, 1 minute 28 seconds, 1920*1080, size a massive 234,034kb
Extract #4, 1 minute 26 seconds, 1920*1080, size a more reasonable 15,221kb

The difference is that Windows shows the data rate on extract 3 as 19,842kbps (total bitrate 19,967kbps) while extract 4 is 1,320kbps/1446kbps.
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Joe Morgan

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Your numbers extract 3 are not inconsistent with a video with a lot motion in it.

If the content in video 3 is similar to video 4............
You should probably submit your project and renders to TechSmith and give them an opportunity to sort out what's going on,if that's possible. That's a massive difference you encountered and makes no sense to me.So much so that..................

I did 6 test renders of exactly 1 min each this morning from the same video. They were excerpts from a fast moving video game.So lots of colors and varying degrees of movement. 1920 x 1080 recordings captured with Shadow Play.

I selected the first min. of the video to produce.
Then, skipped ahead 1 min. on the timeline from the render point.Rendered the following min. "so that the samplings would be somewhat random" Rinse and repeat for all videos.

Bottom line, all videos contained varying degrees of movement and color changes.

Largest      Render     301 MB
Others                           296 MB
                                         279 MB
                                         233 MB
                                         216 MB
Smallest   Render    211 MB  

My results don't surprise me a bit, that's just the nature of VBR rendering and the type of footage I was working with.

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Joe Morgan

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Just a follow up Mal,

Did you inspect file...............
Extract #4, 1 minute 26 seconds, 1920*1080, size a more reasonable 15,221kb

Because I got to thinking about it, and the only way "I" could create a video of that duration. While utilizing Camtasia's default setting's for an mp4.
 Was to create it with a "Still Image" + Narration.
 Well, I actually came in under 15 MB at just over 11 MB. 

I actually rendered one at 10MB without narration.

So I wonder what you rendered in Extract #4.  

I could reduce render settings and lower my file sizes overall. I even produced a 7.7MB still image at 50% quality.

Then for the heck of it I produced a 25% quality video. It still came in at 33MB. Although, it looked pretty bad.

For what it's worth........
I'm putting this information out there for others to see, I went to all the trouble to compile it. Might as well share it.

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Fred McGregor

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First, let me apologize if I was rude in my original post.

In order to resolve my issue, I made several trials comparing results.  After a close examination between settings for both projects/computers, I discovered that the quality settings when rendering were different.  More specifically:

60% for the home machine

80% for the work machine

Now that's all well and good, but is there still a bug?  Perhaps.

When travelling back and forth (between home and work), I would always "Export as a .Zip," then upload to G**gle drive.  Once at the other location I would d/l from G**gle and start a new project, importing the .Zip file.  It was though I never left home (not

One would think things would be identical, but they were not.

Using the above example, I would render an .MP4 video at home - and it would produce a smaller file size.  Well, the 60% quality setting from home did not ride along with the project export to work.

Is a bug?  Is this normal behavior?

Lastly and unimportantly, I spent the first thirty years of my life as a Michigander, from a time when we were called such.  I also miss some of the parties from Mich. State, Ha!

Thank you again.

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did you get different file sizes even when quality setting was the same on both machines?

quality is not a project setting, it is a production wizard setting

try doing custom productions and verifying that quality is the same when producing
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Joe Morgan

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No it's not a bug, I didn't think your comments were rude myself,

Camtasia remembers the last production settings you use. 

So the best thing you can to is set up a matching "Custom Production Preset "on both machines. That way you just use it and avoid any conflicts.

You create them through the production menu using the wizard, after creating one it's assessable through the drop down menu in the editor without even opening the production editor.
It's also available the first page of the production wizard, but you've got to hit the back button to get to that menu these days.

I grew up and lived in Mich. for about 40 years myself, no longer there but  know the State well. Lot of good memories.

Regards, Joe

See Image for Custom Preset
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Fred McGregor

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Joe and Bob,

Figured as much.  Already doing that.

Thank you!