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We have the Cut Out tool to remove unnecessary parts of an image capture. But there are times when you want to add space in the middle of an image. There are a couple levels we could do this: click and drag a line to give some space, effectively splitting the image across the image where you clicked. Or we could potentially go much further and intelligently add space based on the starting location without breaking up text or other screen elements. Either way this could be particularly useful for some situations.
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Posted 2 years ago

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Rick Stone

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Hi theoldfice

I'm likely missing something, but I took your example and operated on it. Here's the screencast showing what I did.

Cheers... Rick :)
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Rick Stone

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Actually, I think you may be a bit mistaken about selecting the image bit. I'm quite easily able to click outside the image and begin dragging. No need to carefully ensure you are on the perfect edge of the image.

It may be helpful to zoom out a bit so you have room to see that edge of the canvas.

Give it a try. You may be surprised!
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Surprised?  Gob-smacked.  I've been using SnagIt since 2002.  How did I not know that?
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Hmmm, maybe that ability only came along in recent versions? I'm not sure. Like many things, I make discoveries only by sheer accident. LOL

Case in point. I'm fairly well known in the Windows help community. I used to be a Microsoft MVP for a number of years for the Windows Help technology. I posted lots of things to assorted forums and I operate my own web sites.

I was at a conference and was approached by a fellow help writer begging me to know how I achieved the effect I was using. (I was using that torn edge effect) I advised that it was just SnagIt's torn edge effect.

She was unimpressed and said noooo, I know all about the torn edge effect. Yours is different. Then it hit me. Oh yeah, you're right! 

What had happened was that one day I was working with an image and had applied the torn edge effect and for some reason forgot I did it and applied it again. Hmmmm, THAT was interesting! And after experimenting, I arrived at a standard where I would apply that effect three separate times to achieve what I call a "shredded edge" effect.

Unfortunately, changes to SnagIt later made that too difficult to achieve, so I don't use it any more. But here's an image showing SnagIt where I applied that effect three times:

Cheers... Rick :)
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I stand mostly corrected. LOL

However, the video showed how to remove text from a white background and make the surrounding area in question white.
Then expand that particular area. As a white background.

It didn't actually depict Paul's scenario.

It works well with Paul's image, I gave it a whirl myself.
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Rick - You're not missing anything at all - that is exactly what I wanted/needed to do - I know that probably seems like falling off a log to you - but to me that just put a massive piece into my jigsaw puzzle - thank you SO much for taking the trouble to do that - I really appreciate it ...

Now - on mine (also 2019) where I have dragged down the outlined selection it doesn't expand at the bottom - it just overlays on top of the existing copy and obscures it - how do I overcome this Rick - at the moment I am, it seems, solving one problem, and creating another ...