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When using scrolling to capture a long page, it would be extremely helpful to be able to insert page breaks in the capture so that images and tables do not span the breaks that printing automatically inserts.  This has been an issue for years.  Please consider adding a page break insert feature.
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Posted 3 years ago

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I seem to remember a request to that effect a few weeks ago. I wonder what happened to it. And a solution to this issue would indeed be good.
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Techsmith, as Herschel says, we users have been wanting this for years! Are we any closer to getting it??
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I have the same problem. I often capture a series of images that are close to the size of a single printed page. However, each image with descriptive text is slightly different size. When I print them the first page fits the paper correctly but the following images start to bleed onto another page. The problem gets worse with each page printed.

One solution is to delete all but the first page and print it. Then restore everything and delete all but the second image, and so on. With more than a few images this gets very cumbersome. The best solution would be to allow the user to scroll down and insert a page break after each image. Then when printed each image would print on a single page.
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Old problem, still no built-in solution. My workaround has always been to use Adobe InDesign -- not Photoshop or Illustrator.
  1. Create an InDesign document at your desired page size. (I typically use 8.5x11 inches, 0.25 in margins.)
  2. Create an empty image box (no fill, no stroke) on page 1 that fits the entire margin area. 
  3. Copy the image from Snagit.
  4. In InDesign, with the image box selected, use EDIT > PASTE INTO [CTRL-ALT-V] to paste the Snagit image inside the image box. 
  5. Maneuver / resize the image within the bounding box so that it fits the width of the box / margins.
  6. Crop the bottom of the image as needed to make a logical page break for page 1 by moving the bottom edge of the bounding box up / down as necessary.
  7. Copy the entire box + image.
  8. Go to page 2 and use EDIT > PASTE IN PLACE [SHIFT-CTRL-ALT-V] to paste the box + image in the exact same spot as it was on page 1.
  9. Move the image "up" inside the bounding box so it shows the next section of the image and adjust bottom edge of box until the image fits logically on the page.
  10. Lather, rinse, repeat for each page until you reach the end of the image.
  11. Export to PDF.
Suggestion 1 -- Remove all unwanted elements from the image in Snagit (header, footer, garbage in the side margins, space between text, end comments, embedded ads, etc.) before you paste into InDesign.

Suggestion 2 -- After you paste into InDesign, you may want to create a new title headline and section subheads with InDesign text boxes. Web pages aren't typically laid out to look good when printed, so sometimes you have to add a little love in InDesign.

Suggestion 3 -- After you get comfortable with cropping in on selected elements of a gigantic image,  you can find ways to save vertical space, which equates to fewer PDF pages. 

For example, images on a web page are often stacked vertically (on top of each other). In InDesign, you can crop / stack the images horizontally (next to each other).

I just created a PDF for a long web page capture. I ended up with a 10-page PDF, with logical page breaks. (Some pages were longer than others).

Snagit capture and cleanup took about 3 minutes. Cropping and positioning in InDesign and outputting to PDF took me about 5 minutes.

I've done this so many times over the years that it's routine. I expect that if TechSmith ever does come up with a solution, I'll probably end up liking mine better anyway! :^)