Is Camtasia 3 compatible with Flip4Mac

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With Camtasia 2 I had to disable Flip4Mac. Is Camtasia 3 compatible with it. Is Flip4Mac even relevant anymore?
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Posted 4 years ago

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I just checked and I still have an older release of flip4mac installed, I've not had any problems with either Camtasia 2 or 3.

I personally stopped upgrading it when they started to charge for it.

If memory serves, a long while back Microsoft had a video format called "WMV" which was proprietary to windows.
For a mac user to view a .wmv file, they needed flip4mac.
Originally MIcrosoft subsidised the development of flip4mac but in 2014 they ceased doing so, and the developer of flip4mac has started charging for updates.

Personally, I've not run into a single .wmv file in years.
Thanks to the iphone and ipads built in support for h.264 video, it seems like today, h.264 is an industry-wide standard and is now the format I see most often.

You won't need the free version of flip4mac to use any version of camtasia, but you may want to have it on your computer if you have lots of old windows media videos that you want to watch.

There once was a time where, if you were providing video to windows customers,  you may have wanted flip4mac pro so you could create these .wmf files, but I believe those days are behind us and that all modern windows PC's should be able to play the h.264 video camtasia 2 and 3 produce.

Hope that helps!

- Jack
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Thanks Jack. I actually forgot why I had it, but the "wmv" did cross my mind. I just remember having to disable it and I think it wasn't compatible with Camtasia. I won't worry about it. 

Thank you
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Flip4Mac is a QuickTime component and only works with the old QuickTime library, which Apple deprecated several years ago.    Camtasia 3 does not use QuickTime internally, so Flip4Mac is not relevant, with one exception.  The downside is that Camtasia cannot support WMV files.  The upside is that things like Flip4Mac cannot crash Camtasia.  This has been true since version 2.9 of Camtasia.

The one exception is Camtasia can convert unsupported files to supported mp4 files using the QuickTime library, and it can convert WMV files if you have Flip4Mac.  The conversion runs as a separate 32 bit process, so if it crashes it will not affect Camtasia.