Is it possible to add stamps to Snagit for Mac?

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The instructions on the Techsmith blog only cover Windows ( I poked around on my mac yesterday and couldn't find a folder to hold new stamps...
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Posted 9 years ago

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Official Response
Short answer, no, you can't add stamps to Snagit on Mac... yet. It's certainly an area we're looking at.

Here's a little more information and a work around for the stamps issue.

So, first, a little more about Snagit and stamps. Stamps don't work exactly the same on Snagit for Mac as they do on the PC. For example, stamps on the PC are standard raster, bitmap images, usually a PNG file. But, on the Mac, Stamps are vector graphics. What this means is that Snagit for Mac stamps act a lot like callouts. You can resize the Snagit for Mac stamps and they'll never look pixelated or blurry. On the PC, Snagit stamps will get blurry and pixelated if you make them too big.

Why is this important to know? Well, because Snagit for Mac stamps work a bit differently than Snagit on PC stamps, we couldn't use the same stamp bundles and methods for both platforms. And, like I mentioned above, we're looking at all of this and things will change in the future. Snagit on Mac is still a 1.0 product.

Of course, I mentioned a work around, and here it is:
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That'll work for me, thanks Chris!
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Cris, thanks for that excellent video and many thanks for mentioning SuperStamps.

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Hi Cris,

I saw the Screencast video about the stamps for SnagIt Mac v1 but am wondering about the recently released SnagIt Mac v2 (which I've already downloaded but haven't been able to fully check out yet). Have you guys given v2 the ability to "Add Stamps"???

I beta'd the Mac version and that was one of the suggestions I had way back then was to both be able to "Add" stamps but also the ability to "Use Windows" stamps.

I haven't been able to find anything in the Help Files about this either. Sure hope you have added the capability as there are several sets of Windows Stamps I'd like to have access to. Either that or if you all converted all the Windows Stamp Sets to Vector Graphic versions that would work also.

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I wanted exactly this. So I did some experimenting. I have a Stamps folder from my Windows installation that I have built over several versions of Snagit. I tried the Import Stamps from Snagit's menu, but that seemed clunky and time-consuming. So I figured the Mac version was probably similar to Windows, in that the Stamps would be in a folder somewhere. True enough!

I make take no responsibility if you follow this and break something.
It seems to work for me.

- completely exit Snagit
- right click on the Snagit app in Applications
- select 'Show Package Contents'
- drill to the Content > Resources > Stamps folder, and open the folder
- copy the individual folders from your Windows Stamps folder (presumably they have been copied to a network drive, shared drive or USB flash drive); you can Cmd+A to select all and paste them all at once
- paste the folders (Cmd+V if you like keyboard shortcuts)
- when asked, choose Merge for any duplicates and Apply to all if desired

Now open Snagit. You should have all your stamps accessible. There are no descriptions visible, so for some stamps such as Summer where there are sm, med and lg it will take a bit of guess-work, but I'm sure you can handle that.

Go SNAGIT. And go MAC!
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Super that works on Mac!
Thanks to user before!

In the program folder "Resources> stamps" you can create your own folder structure...
you can save PNGs there...
and you can save PDFs there (vector-based stamp).

I have created such PDFs with Illustrator, and accordingly adjusted the canvas and saved as PDF.
In my case, I have drawn black arrows with white margins. That I need frequently in my technical documentation to refer in a photo to something. With the white margins the arrow rises from all backgrounds.
SnagIt is a super tool!

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