Is VideoStudio Pro now serious Competition for Camtasia?

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Corel has recently released Videostudio Pro X5 which appears to be able to do everything Camtasia can do at less than 1/3 the cost. Does TechSmith plan a response to this new incursion into video screen capture? Or am I mistaken about VideoStudio Pro X5?
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Posted 8 years ago

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Video Studio Pro X5 is a very different product than Camtasia Studio. I own both.

VSPX5 in screen recording mode, will only record 1 audio channel - you have to choose between a mic, or the system audio, you cannot record both audio tracks at the same time. This sort of defeats the purpose of a screen recording, if you cannot capture both at the same time Corel will be no help.

Camtasia Studio has much better audio controls for voice recording and background noise reduction etc., however If you want to mix surround sound effects with a video, you may like that feature in VSPX5.

These are very different products. Frankly you can make better screencast recordings with Snagit 11 that you can with VSPX5 and Snagit costs less.

TechSmith's tutorial screencasts are excellent for basic to advanced users.

Corel's tutorial videos are basic product introductions. Corel has never produced detailed screencasts for their Video Studio Pro software, so users are forced to struggle along in the dark.

Hope this helps.
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I would have to agree with John on this except that if you have a small mixing board you can record audio and what you hear at the same time. But, why spend more to do that with Video Studio Pro X5 when you can have more of a tool with what Camtasia Studio for the PC or Mac and what SnagIt 11 can do? John is also right about the Learning Videos from TechSmith compared to what Corel has to offer and I find that TechSmith is more up on being there for their customers when it comes to support. Just my opinion I guess. Hope this also helps and have a Great Screencastic Day!
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Hmmm; I think Video Studio Pro X5 is Windows only. The technical requirements just say Windows. Either that or I couldn't find a Mac version on their website.

Also I really like what John and Fred already had to say.

I guess they are competition; but I can see this as a positive. For instance they take as input AVI video files so if Camtasia give you better screen recording performance and you like their editing better then you get the best of both worlds! By the way in Camtasia Studio 8 we made and use a new codec while recording to give better screen recording performance! :)

In Camtasia Studio 8 we made some changes to the timeline to give you smoother editing; but DVD and Blu-Ray (TM) disk outputs might be useful. Camtasia Studio has a new Flash/HTML5 output that might just impress you with how many devices it works with!

Pretty much please decide for yourself and feel free to let us know which works better for you! Camtasia's 30-day trial is fully functional so you can compare Camtasia before deciding to make a purchase! It does look like you did some research!

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" but DVD and Blu-Ray (TM) disk outputs might be useful."

You are darn right! Why did you eave this out?
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I really don't have a problem with not have DVD or BR outputs. Camtasia is not a video editor software per say. If I want to output to those devices, I'll use my video editing software such as Premiere Pro. How many people have the need to run their Camtasia movie on a DVD player? Maybe a few but...I can burn it myself if I need it.

I'm just saying to allow these different software packages to provide their specific purposes and not try to be the end all. I don't need Premier Pro to start offering me screen capturing.
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I am trying out Camtasia and the application is crashing every time I try to separate audio and video for a track. The worst part is the customer support. I sent an email with the screenshot of the problem and rather than forwarding the email to the technical team the customer support rep gave me a contact number to call.

Pathetic customer support. I think I need to consider buying Video Studio or other product.
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I have tried Corel's Video Studio Pro X8 and I must say it is a very good competitor to Camtasia 8. When capturing screen you can record mic & system sounds now. Some features are more advanced in Camtasia, some in Corel. I like Camtasia's mouse clicks logs + cursor customization and Corels overlay posibilities + animated drawing function. Important is that I get the same result in the same time for quarter of Camtasia price.

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