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I have used this program extensively since the first version.   The improvements they have made through the years have been great and most welcomed,  however, this latest 2018 release has some shortfalls which I understand can happen however is the managements smugness and attitude towards constructive comments and opinions of features that have been modified or removed that concerns me as a customer.  They rely on the votes in this forum to make executive final decisions, however, fail to recognize that only a small percentage of users are aware of the forums and could care less about them as they like me want to work and not debate issues however I have taken the time to voice this opinion as the program is important to me.  I use the program to communicate graphically through screen captures modifications changes and other information in the planning, design and the construction process.   I will continue to use it personally as I am hopeful they (Tech-Smith)  will see the light, however, I  have stopped glorious reviews to  colleagues due to the reasons cited above systemic to the attitude of the management team at Snag-It as I am concerned they are losing the edge on  what I have touted as superior customer support at all levels and willingness to work with you.   I see that fading away.

I have found a replacement program that replaced snag it notes.  "Notezilla"   and understand they may be working on a program similar to Snag-It we'll see.

I do want to note that the phone support team is very good at Snag-it and these comments are related the management team with regard to what is and is not included and more transparent and friendly reaction to the numerous customers making inquiries.
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Official Response

Hi, I’d like to confirm or deny some of the comments in this thread.

It’s correct that the forum is important to us.   We are putting more time now into actioning and formally responding to requests in the forum than we have previously.  I do read the forum myself and follow many specific threads of interest, and even vote on a few items as a personal end-user.  We also, as someone noted, have been spending time and money to drive more users to the forum.   The more users using the forum, the more impactful to decision making the forum will become.  I’m sad to say that these activities have also resulted in new customers complaining about the tone on the forum, or customers who have told me they have stopped using the forum, because they found the communication styles unprofessional or felt attacked.  So we are still trying to understand what has to happen to increase representation on the forum. 

It’s also correct that the forum will never be the only source of features that need to be prioritized (or deprecated).   Examples of voice of customer we have to pay close attention to but not well represented on this this forum include large corporations/institutions with large seat holdings, customers outside of English speaking countries, as well as user segments that are small now but we’ve chosen to make a strategic bet on.   Deprecating a feature is often the right thing to do for a product line but not something we should do often or easily – and that decision would never just be made with forum commentary but also with usage data, input from customer-facing employees, and increasingly with in-product surveys.   Forum voting is one way to get the feature back.  If you think the forum is underrepresenting a need, you should keep articulating who is the user segment that needs it, why they aren’t on the forum, and what other tools we could use to reach that segment.

We truly want to make our products more effective for ALL of our users.  That is a difficult challenge when it comes to evaluating the priority of making a specific use case more effective - we’ve marketed the product pretty generically for more than 20 years so now our products are literally used for thousands of different use cases by millions of users.  For those in product management, I know you understand the implications of that for decision making, and how easy it is to upset a user of one use case unintentionally by prioritizing another.  So, we increasingly rely on this community for customers to debate (respectfully) with each other what is ultimately best for the MAJORITY of customers.  It is a huge benefit for us that you engage here to do that – and we thank you.   We remain committed to seriously evaluating the highly voted items that come out of that.  It’s absolutely fair to criticize us if we ever don’t pick a highly voted feature, particularly if our resources are not already committed to a more highly voted feature.  We certainly owe an explanation if we choose not to do that.  It’s less fair to criticize us when we don’t pick a lower ranked feature.

All of us, including the product managers, can get frustrated that a requested feature takes a long time to action.  But I promise that if we have marked something in process in the Camtasia and Snagit forums, that it truly is something in process.  We have committed to responding to highly voted requests with our intentions, and we have committed to being transparent if we decide not to pursue one.  Even though announcing that decision brings complaints, we would rather be honest than to delay complaints. 

No one needs to worry about the financial or investment future of Snagit, it’s overperforming at moment and recently had a record quarter in the history of the company.   We continue to see a lot of opportunity for growth in the market and will continue to invest.

Did anyone create a feature request on integrating with Notezilla?  Sounds interesting.

Wendy Hamilton
CEO, TechSmith