Key isn't working, Again!!!

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I have been using camptasia 9 for over 3 years and since January, every time I turn on my computer camptasia ask for the key and the key I have is considered invalid. I have to email costumer service and await for them to send again the same key. Is that a trick to sell a new software? How can I avoid this to happen?
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Posted 8 months ago

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I had this problem, solved with Tech Support’s help by first uninstalling the program and then going through the computer and deleting every possible file still left behind. I don’t recall whether we entered the Registry as well.

I’m not a programmer, but it seems to me that the most likely source of the problem is a little temporary file that didn’t get deleted (or a line in a file that got corrupted). It may be “old school,” but I go into my computer every couple of weeks and delete all the temporary files that I can. Windows 10 is supposed to do this automatically, but I still delete scores of files each time.

For this you have to be able to see hidden files, so in Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer!) go to the View tab and check the “Hidden Items” box.

Restart the computer in Safe Mode

·         Click on [Start], [Power] and then hold down [CTL]-[SHIFT] while you click on Restart. This will bring up your Startup Options screens. Click on:

o   Troubleshoot

o   Advanced Options

o   Startup settings

o   [Restart]

·         Your computer will restart. Press the number [4] to Restart in Safe Mode.

Now most things won’t work because their drivers haven’t been loaded. All you’re going to do is wipe out non-essential files.

·         In Windows Explorer navigate to C:\Windows\Temp

·         [CTL]-[A] to select all files

·         [Delete]

o   You may see that Windows doesn’t want you to delete 4 or 5 files. Skip these files, DO NOT delete them.

·         Navigate out

·         Navigate to C:\Users\your-username\AppData\Local\Temp

o   Say Goodbye to a whole pile of useless files –

o   [CTL]-[A], [DELETE]

§  Make sure you SKIP the remaining files, do NOT delete them

·         Restart your computer

·         Open each of your Internet browsers in turn and delete ALL history, including cookies

·         Re-install Camtasia

If there’s a programmer that is in shock and dismay about this procedure, please let me know


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 Camtasia 9 is supported by tech support.

Someone must know exactly where the problem resides.

When trying to activate some Adobe programs. You might see a prompt "Cannot reach validation server" or something along that line?
End Result.........You are blocked from validating the key. The software won't launch.

When I contacted  Adobe's tech support. They had me delete a hosts folder. All was resolved.

I read Muscle Whisperer's experience didn't go as smoothly. Odds are, another technician would know offhand what to do. I would request they seek guidance/advice from others in Tech Support, if they send you on a search and seek mission.

This is a Free Service............... Submit a ticket


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Joe is right- please contact our tech support so we can fix the issue and get it to keep your key. I assure you that we don't want to have you keep putting in your key repeatedly! Annoying you into an upgrade will never be our sales tactic!