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I've been using snagit for possibly 10 years and voted it software of the decade. I know its a big call but felt it was warranted when compared to most other crappy screen capture softwares. 
 I've just upgraded to the latest version and find it terrible to use. The previous version was almost perfect, easy to learn and pickup for occasional users, now, its painful especially if you want to edit or add to the image in editor. It seems to have gone backwards as far as usability goes. Its clunky or awkward. I'm hoping its how I have it setup and that it can be made to work like before. Please give me the old version back. 
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Posted 2 years ago

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Some of it is probably your set up.
 Customizing the toolbar is a the first thing you should do.

Hit the more tab."Customize toolbar"

Add and Arrange missing tools within the tool bar.

I'm a Photoshop user and the bulk of my captures go straight to PS.
I mention this because I'm not a power user of the SnagIt Editor. 

An image like the one directly above with a bunch of curved arrows is quicker and easier to create in SnagIt.

What I do like about this addition. If the text tool is selected. You cannot accidentally click on anything else.Other versions you could click a nearby callout,arrow,shape,etc.Even though that was not your intention.
The Move tool will let you "Select" all existing annotations and "Edit them" as well {Ctrl+5} is the shortcut .
 It's good for unbridled hit and run editing. "Old School SnagIt"

The Custom Ribbon is gone. I didn't use it but a lot of people did. That was a Microsoft feature actually.

Your SnagIt  key can activate any previous versions of SnagIt.So you can always download and install an older version if this version doesn't work for you.

For myself, and Ive used several versions. I think this is the best version so far.

I hated accidentally clicking a callout when I  was only trying to move an arrowhead a little bit. Little irritations like that make me nuts.
THEN, You have to go RE-SELECT the arrow further away and Carefully TRY to grab the arrowhead again.FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!Rinse and Repeat.

I use a desktop and a mouse. The properties panel to the right doesn't bother me.

If I used a Laptop and a track pad I might feel quite differently. Heck, I might break my laptop in a fit of rage if I had to use one at all.

I think I've said enough now, it's time for coffee.

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Andrew, I am a very long time user of Snag-it also, long before it was capable of video capture. The last GOOD version was 11. I have version 12 as well, but it is already a big digression in usability. I suspect 13 is even worse, and the 2018 based on comments here, is even WORSE! It is like someone or group bought the company and is trying to kill it! Stick with Version 11, unless you really need some of the extras in later version, albeit at a very big cost usability and perhaps stability wise as well.

After I experienced version 12, I wrote the company, complaining about it profusely, but it looks like that fell on deaf ears. I see a trend with many software products of late (last 2-4 years) where they are all trying to make improvements, and almost all of them have done just the opposite. I an guessing they are trying to make these software products usable on tablets and/or on smart phones, which is the huge mistake that Microsoft did with Windows 8. And still, Windows 10 isn't anywhere near as user friendly and powerful as Windows 7. This is because it came from Windows 8, and not from Windows 7. TechSmith seems to be doing exactly the same as MS did with Windows 8!

Vincent (01-31-2018)

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Agree completely