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Linux is growing, with OS's like Ubuntu Linux is no longer an edge case

Its time to stop ignoring us and start wooing us otherwise you are going to miss the boat on this.

Already there are solutions for linux making inroads. They dont yet have the full features you do, but its only a matter of time.

Do you really want to ignore this fast growing market?
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Posted 7 years ago

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Hey there,

We do have requests for each product to be brought over to linux from time to time, that's for sure. I'll make sure this gets passed along to our product managers! Thanks for the feedback!
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that is exactly what i wanted to see!!!!

i am kali (backtrack) user for
years and, not only kali but other distros as well, have problem with
good screen recorder. There is one app called recordmydesktop which is
best linux based, it has good video quality, but its annoying that it
does not have any editing options, and second and most annoying that if
you record 15 minutes long video, it takes 2 or 3 hour for video to be

so please, as Ashley said, linux is growing os, with
every day more and more users, switching from windows to it, please, i
would like to see in comming years, camtasia studio for linux distros!!!

Thanks a lot!

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I use Windows. Because when it comes to software. You have access to a Goldmine of software programs to choose from.
 Mac's are far to overpriced with limitations on software choices as well.
For 1/2 the money you can get a custom windows machine that performs as well or better than a Mac.
Linux makes good machines, no question. But if you enjoy working with a large variety of software it's just not a great choice. I hope you don't think I'm being rude, that's not my intention. I too, almost bought a Linux. If I had. It would be me missing the boat. And disappointed by my choice. So I understand your frustration completely. If it was me. I would dump the Linux.
Because the response you received wasn't "we are working on it". That's probably the response of most software manufactures. For your sake I hope I'm wrong. But I wouldn't wait for the world to come to you! Good Luck. 
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"Your an idiot." The irony never ceases to amuse me. Ashley, emotionally "grown up" people are able to communicate with others in a productive manner. 2+2=4. This is the truth. What that means is that I do not have to berate somebody or threaten them with hellfire to get them to understand it. To be clear, if you have truth to spread, you'll actually help others to accept it by NOT abusing them. It will make you appear more as somebody that's trying to be helpful rather than somebody that's trying to recreate abuse in their own life by jumping on what they view as an opportunity to abuse somebody else.

This was not a Linux vs Windows discussion. Nor should it be. I'm seeing isolationist, fanatic inputs from both sides. Mr. Morgan's original point is that when a person chooses Linux--for whatever reason--it's with the understanding that it comes with the inability to make use of X, Y, and Z. Which is true. I'd rather somebody make a valid point and err in minutia than to make a point that was leveled via wrath, valid or not.

Windows and Linux both exist. People can use one, the other, or both. They both have their pros and cons. The only part of that relative to this conversation is that Camtasia is not available on Linux and TechSmith is aware of the possibility. They are first and foremost a business. Which means that when such a time comes that they believe that the time and resources it would take to develop and maintain a Linux version is outweighed by the perceived benefit, they will move on that. Ironically, the only people that could accelerate this process are Linux users (by adding pressure for such a port) and Linux developers (by adding their capabilities to the TechSmith team).
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Official Response
Hi all- 

We just released a version of Snagit for Google Chrome, which means some of the functionality of Snagit is now available on machines running Linux and the Google Chrome browser. Currently, Snagit for Chrome is free and offers image capture and light editing of browser-based content. Check out the TechSmith blog for details on how to get it!

I realize this is not the same as having the full power of Snagit in a native Linux app...but hopefully it will help fill the void somewhat. And the good news is that we'll be continuing to develop Snagit for Google Chrome to become more feature-rich. We'd love to hear your feedback and feature requests in that area of the community.

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