little secret to making audio better for Camtasia! (suggestion for the program)

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I've done audio editing for two feature films as well as a lot of other video projects, engineered a couple of albums and some singles, and done quite a bit of sound mixing on sets for videos and films.

One HUGE secret in editing video that seems not very well known is that it makes an ENORMOUS difference in a video when a very small cross fade (of just like 3 frames or so) transition is used between two audio tracks (and at least a 3 frame fade in/out on tracks that don't touch). I would strongly advise automatically creating a 3-5 frame crossfade transition any time two tracks touch. It doesn't have to be known to anyone, all they'll know is that their camtasia projects seem more professional.

The reason is that audio that's abruptly cut creates a "click" that for many people is noticeable. This is something you NEVER hear in professional projects but you hear almost 100% of the time in amateur productions. Not only is there a click, but when there's any broadband noise (which there almost always is in every non-studio backed film or video project) there will be a subtle abrupt change in audio at the same time there's a video cut and this creates a subconscious effect where the cut feels too harsh and you lose the ability for the viewer to be immersed in the video/film. It's a very strong disconnect.

That small crossfade makes a world of difference!
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Posted 7 years ago

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Hey Jonathan,

This is a great tip! Would you be interested in writing this up, possibly with a video tutorial, for the TechSmith blog? We'd love to work with you!

If you're interested, drop me a line: N.Scott AT

Thank you so much!
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I would recommend that Camtasia includes a cross fade as a transition option (rather than just fade out or fade in). For me, this would be the most commonly used. The adjacent clips would fade into each other, rather than to black and from black back into the next clip.
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Yes, please add an audio cross-fade transition to the software. Thank you.

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