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Does Camtasia have a countdown timer option to overlay on my recording? I want to show a 2 minute countdown to display in the corner or side of the screen to show that the recording is done in 2 minutes.
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Posted 2 years ago

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So you want a timer that is simply visible that you can observe and stop the recording after two minutes?

Or are you wanting to insert a countdown that is superimposed on your screencast that the end user will see counting down?

I suppose that either way you could accomplish it using the Windows operating system. It has a countdown timer you can run. So for the first option, you would just run it and keep your eye on it. And for the second, you could record it as a separate video, then overlay that on your recording.

To launch it, click the Start menu and type "Clock".

Cheers... Rick :) 
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Here's a video I did on how to do this. Similar to what Rick has recommended; however, I use a website to get the countdown. This my highest viewed video on YouTube (14,531 views), so I definitely think it will help you.  ;-)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kqpC9bRrV4I

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maybe watch this tutorial for insight into how to use captions to count off time ...

How To Make Custom Duration Time Captions Asset Using A Time Captions Template

also see

How To Use Time Callouts For Timeline Navigation


How To Make Stop Watch
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Camtasia has a "System Stamp" You can chose it's Color, Font, not that the font is that critical. Solid background or transparent. Size of Font/Numbers. Position placed. In the corners or centered on the edges.Or in the middle of the screen, which is impractical as heck.
It counts up, not down.
It also breaks the seconds down into thousandths which makes no sense to me.30 frames per second is the deepest division a 30 fps recording can accurately depict.
You cannot see it while recording either.But it's an option that's built into the program.And nobody mentioned it.

It's also burned into the recording. So it has it's drawbacks.

I found a cheesy little count down timer dating back to windows 7.It doesn't have a colorful border and a lot buttons like most free countdown timers. It worked on my windows 10 machine.

You can put it anywhere on the screen you want. It doesn't have a keyboard shortcut to start it though. It has a large UI.You would have to start it at say 2 minutes and a few seconds and minimize the UI.Start recording.
Or just record the timer counting down. And overlay in your videos.


Lots of other possibility's listed before I came along .


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This may be too late, but i have just coded a timer in Camtasia 9. I have recorded a little science experiment and needed a timer for the corner. The timer looks like a digital clock, has a tick/tock sound, and uses the popup behavior for each new second.   My need was for only 60 seconds, but it would be a simple copy/paste to extend.  If you'd like, I can export the cam project file and zip it up.  I may be able to add it to github or here;  whichever  works.

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thanks for your offer to share

what do you mean by "popup behavior for each new second"?

perhaps make a screencast of just the timer; host on screencast.com so we can see what it looks like?
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Are you still willing to share the timer?
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is this anything like you're looking for?

Example 60 Second Count Down Timer 2019-05-05