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I have a 10 second video I want to loop at the beginning of the screencast until a button is selected. Make it like an animated menu.

Is there anyway to constantly loop a 10 second video?

Just for clarification, I don't want to just keeping adding additional copies of the video, I want it to sit and loop until someone makes a selection (clicks a button).


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Posted 8 years ago

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Hey Dave,

Unfortunately, no.

In case we add such a feature, what are the reasons for adding this behavior to a screencast? What would it allow you, as the creator, to do, and what would it allow viewers to do?


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Hey Conan,

As far as function...nothing! It just looks better and a little more professional in my view. It would of course increase file size but it gives the flexibility to the creator instead of limitations.

From the viewer side, it simply would just look better (potentially).

Thanks Conan.

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Dave it would be kind of a work a round but, can you loop the video in something like Adobe Premiere Pro and then render it to an acceptable format for Camtasia Studio and then save it in the Clip Library for future use? Just an idea. Let us know. Have a Happy Holiday Season.
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Hi Fred,

I already have the video in a 10 second looping format (from Digital juice). The problem is I want to stop the action on the timeline by putting in an interactive hotspot (set to Pause at End) but I want the video to keep looping in the background.

I admit that it is not really an option that I would expect with Camtasia but I thought I'd ask :-)

By the way, I am using Camtasia for Mac and unfortunately Camtasia for Mac does not have the Library functionality :-(

Thanks for your comments Fred and I hope you have a Happy Holiday Season as well.

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I'm going to change this to an idea so we can track it as a feature request.

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I saw a video earlier today on how to cook sausages (okay I hardly ever eat sausages so.....). Anyway I was looking on techsmith to see if there was a way to 'loop' a video, but I saw this user's question and thought 'probably through a small codeblock'. Then i looked at the particular webpage and voila! exactly. BTW a great idea for 'how to's which I'm gonna use on my latest book: http://www.wikihow.com/Cook-Sausages
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I'm trying to loop a video too but for a different reason. I want to loop my video at the being of our webinars as attendees enter the event. The platform of our webinar vendor doesn't like large video files so I'm trying to figure out how to loop my one minute video, its not even working if I insert it into a power point with continuous loop until clicked checked. I would like to see this option in a future release.
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Yeah, looping videos, something that should be quite clear to do, isn't even covered with any of the Camtasia stuff that I've viewed so far. All I can think is that, for some reason, it can't do it - even though Camtasia supplies you with some 10 second clips in their download.

I don't know?!!! Its just me ... again.

Ha! I can't even login!!! Perfect.
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I definitely would like to have a looping feature as well!
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We are producing an interactive video for corporate marketing exhibitions using the hotspots to navigate between specific sections of the video.  We would like for the video to play through in it's entirety and loop continuously when the hotspots are not being used.

I am aware of a Flash loop control that is available through Camtasia Studio 8, but at this time (7th Jan 2014) only the Chrome browser seems to loop our video, the current version of every other browser we have tried (IE, FireFox, Opera) seem to stop the video one second before the end time and it does not loop.

I'll be grateful if the developers can resolve this as we see it as a key part of the functionality.
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I am using a trial version of Camtasia this week, and as a potential customer, I would very much like to see the feature to loop short videos.

Currently I am queuing up 5.2 second mp4's for 8 mins, occasionally grouping - the software crashes due to memory errors, I think. I have 24gb of RAM.
A workaround I have found (to save re-encoding so much) is to make a .gif - this is the original format of the animation - and screen cap it as it plays in a web browser.

There are many errors when repeating many videos inside of the same track.
A simple "loop til end" would be great!
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I've made a video for a trade show exhibit booth that we want to play continuously  while people walk by.
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My use case: I'm extending a piece of video to synch with externally imported audio. I don't just want to extend the last frame. Instead, I want to take the last second of the frame (which shows a blinking cursor) and repeat that one-second section several times. That way my "extended" video shows a blinking cursor. As it stands now, I need to cut out a 1-second clip, duplicate that clip 10 (or 20, or 30) times, then paste all those duplicates into the gap. That's annoying to do, to say the least.

Please add looping!
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Not sure about Camtasia for Mac but...in Camtasia Studio you can use Looping.
In Custom production settings, MP4 Smart Player, Smart Player Options:
1. Uncheck: Pause at start
2. Select: Loop playback
    Example Video: http://bit.ly/VideoLooping

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