Lost Snagit 12 "Unsaved Captures" after Upgrade to Snagit 2020. Are they recoverable?

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I have been using Snagit 12 for a few years. I have about 160 "unsaved captures" . When I saw that Snagit 2020 was available, I purchased the UPGRADE and installed the new Snagit 2020. Now when I open the Snagit 2020 Editor to look at those "unsaved captures" there is an "X" in each of them, not able to access. I figured out how to open Snagit 12 Editor, and the "unsaved captures" show an image of a "broken file". HOW DO I RECOVER THESE 160 "UNSAVED CAPTURES"?  Using Windows 10, Avast antiivirus software. read article about AVG removing .snag files.  Thanks for your help Michael Dove
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Posted 2 months ago

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IMO, they don't know how to file things so the we can easily back - or they could easily move the snags forward. <end rant>
Look for the old snagit folder in either:
   -   C:\Program Files\TechSmith              or    64-bit
   -   C:\Program Files (x86)\TechSmith           32-bit

You should have 2 snagit folders, one for 2020:  "Snagit 2020", I never owned 12, but assume "Snagit 12"?

In the Snagit 12, and this is where it gets weird, search for ".snag" files, they should be in a folder that also has "SnagItxxx.sdf" - if you see 160 .snag files and the one sdf  file you likely, have lost any.

Before proceeding, exit do a backup of both Snagit folders. I just held the <ctrl> key down as I grabbed my "SnagIt 2020" by left-click the mouse and moving it to a blank area in the same parent folder.

So now I have a "C:\Program Files\TechSmith\Snagit 2020 - Copy"  folder.
You should also have a "C:\Program Files\TechSmith\Snagit 12 - Copy"  folder.

At this point, I'd uninstall 2020, and see if 12 is available to use. If you no longer have the icon to launch it, you can easily create a replacement:

In the "C:\Program Files\TechSmith\Snagit 12" find "Snagit32.exe" and rt-click on it on the menu that appears, select either "pin to start" or pin to task bar, your choice.

If all your snags are in their proper place, I'd create a folder on my desk and call it.  If you click on the first snag, then hold the <ctrl> key down and click the last snag in view, now let go of <ctrl> and drag all selected to the new 12-snags folder. Keep repeating until all the files are in the 12-snags folder.

Reinstall 2020 and make the snagit 2020 editor the windows default for viewing png files.
Now open the snagit editor, select all the png files in the 12-snags folder, and drag all into the recent  panel.

Please let me know if this worked.
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Ed, Thanks for your help! This did NOT help. I looked for the "snag" files, found only sample files. Snagit 12 was in Program Files(x86). I copied the folders, uninstalled 2020. opened Snagit 12 Editor. The editor showed broken unsaved captures. Looks like I have lost them. I acknowledge it is MY ERROR. 

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If your referring to the Image folder in SnagIt 12's program files. That's not what you're looking for.Those are images the program uses.
The default location for the data store is............................
C:\Users\User Name\AppData\Local\TechSmith\SnagIt\DataStore

If you didn't change the default location in SnagIt 12. That's where they should be.
Unfortunately, thats the default location for all versions of SnagIt 12 and above. 2020 should have found them and linked them automatically as a result. Without any input from you whatsoever.
I would check that folder. I suspect you won't find any there.

You mentioned the SnagIt 12 images are broken as well? Installing 2020 shouldn't have effected version 12.
I would check the Recycle Bin.

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You can change the default library "DataStore" file location in Editor preferences.

Is SnagIt 2020 set to access that SnagIt 12 folder?