Love/Hate relationship with Camtasia 9

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I've been using Camtasia for a couple of years now and recently upgraded to v9.

It has promise.


- Behaviors
- New annotations
- New music


- Dark interface
- Dark interface font
- Small interface font
- HOME key no longer moves playhead to the beginning of the video (must use CTRL-HOME)
- END key no longer moves playhead to the end of the video (must use CTRL-END)
- Screen recordings automatically saved with a default name to a pre-defined location (instead of prompting the user).  This means I have to remember to pre define that location for each project or copy/paste file into the desired location.  Then I have to rename the recording to something meaningful and update the media in the project.

Deal Breakers:

- Right and left arrow keys no longer move playhead one frame at a time 
- Inability to extend a frame if there are immediate adjacent items on the track

For now, I have gone back to Version 8.6

Perhaps, in the near future, I'll develop a process by which I do most of the editing in 8.6 and then move to 9.0 to add some of those fine behaviors and annotations.

I'll keep an eye on the updates to v9.  
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  • sad and frustrated

Posted 3 years ago

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to move L/R on timeline, use < or > [, or .]

re extending frames, maybe view this tutorial ...

re screen captures being saved, you can set your desired behavior in Recorder
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Thank you, kayakman.  Using , and . is certainly a manageable adjustment and I have changed the settings within Recorder.  I'll see what I can find out regarding extending frames (unfortunately, screencast is currently experiencing an issue).
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I agree, I edit on Premiere, and some of the keyboard shortcuts that seem so reasonable to be present in Camtasia are missing for me. Creates frustration and the feeling that Cam9 is not a professional tool.

Also, inability to do dissolves on audio is a huge issue from my perspective.
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Further to what Kayakman wrote with regards to saving your recording file: In C9 update the Recorder with the following to create a workflow similar to C8

Recorder settings:

Tools>Options>General>File Options-select Ask for file name

Tools>Options>Program>-uncheck Hide Preview

Hope this helps.

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Thank you, Jayne.  That was extremely helpful.
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Kayakman has beaten me to the timeline move keys, but on that point I do have this page:

bookmarked until they become instinctive.

Regarding the other points, while I think that there have been SOME improvements, Annotations is more of a "serious disappointment" for me rather than a "love". You still can't set them to an exact pixel size to keep consistency in appearance, and you still have very few options in terms of laying out formatted text within them. If text layout in annotations were to be souped up I could largely eliminate Powerpoint from my workflow and to be honest I really wouldn't miss it, especially as stitching together PPT and Camtasia-recorded content never gives your videos a completely consistent look and feel. (Though for me consistency in audio between PPT recordings and Camtasia ones seems to be better in C9 than it was in C8.)

I do like the separation of the opacity of the background and the text in the new ones, but just like the failure to deliver an audio value that can be set numerically rather than by GUI version 9 just hasn't made strides in basic features that, IMHO, should have been there versions ago.

The dark interface is something that I haven't had much of a problem with, but I do have a big monitor. I can see why it might be less appealing for those on smaller monitors and I'm surprised that the need to have a "High Contrast" colour scheme as an option seems to have been missed.

I'm not having a "love/hate" relationship with C9 so much as a "like a bit/rather disappointed" one. For me, it's just C8 with a few enhancements and an interface which is harder for vision-impaired people and those with smaller monitors to work with. It doesn't have me out there on video capture dating sites trying to find a new partner, but on the other hand if a sleek new video capture editor with a scripting language, numeric controls for all values and rich text annotation features were to mosey up to me in a digital bar on a cold winter's night, I might very well take up any invitation to go back to my hard disk drive so that we could get to know each other better.